Livvy Dunne shares ‘fav fit’ in LSU leotard

Livvy Dunne
Livvy Dunne shared her top picks when it comes to LSU’s gymnastics leotards. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne has sported several variations of approved LSU spandex leotards throughout their 2023 season, and she recently revealed which piece takes the top spot as her favorite.

The bubbly blonde often shares her official LSU Tiger looks with her fans and followers on social media and regularly knocks the looks out of the park.

Although Livvy has spent a good portion of the season sidelined by a lower leg injury, it hasn’t prevented her from maintaining high team spirit and showing up for her teammates despite being unable to participate.

Thankfully, Livvy’s injury also hasn’t stopped her from interacting with her followers online.

In another recent upload, Livvy swapped out her leotard in exchange for some silky pajamas as she snapped a selfie from her bedroom.

With the current gymnastics season wrapping up for the year, Livvy has recently been documenting as much of her LSU Tigers content as possible, including her most recent video confession.

Livvy Dunne reveals which of her LSU leotards are her favorite

Taking to TikTok, Livvy uploaded yet another immaculate transition video that found her going from laid-back to full gymnastics meet glam.

In the eight-second clip, Livvy began by holding her camera at arm’s length, where she revealed a makeup-free face and a casual black sports bra.

She sported slightly tinted, likely blue light, glasses, and her blonde locks were worn down with the front portions split into two French braids at the top of her head.

As she moved the phone up and down, Livvy put her hand in front of the camera’s lens before revealing her impressive transition into a stunning LSU leotard.

The spandex number was perfectly fit to Livvy’s petite frame. It featured a high neckline and long sleeves. Most of the piece was black, with bold blue and silver metallic designs branching out in different directions all over the leotard.

Livvy also upped the glam in her transition, adding a full face of makeup to the look. Her signature eyelashes and baby-pink lips were spot-on for the unveiling.

“fav fit,” Livvy captioned the post with a heart-eye emoji.

Livvy partners with BODYARMOR to help her get through tough workouts

Livvy may be busy with her school and gymnastics schedule, but that hasn’t slowed her down when it comes to elevating her status as a social media influencer.

She has partnered with several brands to bring sponsored posts to her various accounts, where she’s amassed over 10 million followers from Instagram and TikTok alone.

One brand Livvy seems happy to have partnered with is BODYARMOR. According to the brand’s website, they offer a “premium sports drink that provides superior hydration.”


Best workout buddy:) @drinkbodyarmor #foryou

♬ original sound – uneducatededits

In a separate post to her TikTok, Livvy shared a video of herself getting a sweat session in at the gym and having BODYARMOR ready to help her stay hydrated.

“Best workout buddy:) @drinkbodyarmor #foryou,” she captioned the post as the video ended with Livvy flashing a smile to the camera.

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