Livvy Dunne shares amazing balcony view in little black dress

Gymnast Livvy Dunne up close in a selfie
Gymnast Livvy Dunne looks incredible for an impromptu balcony photoshoot. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Gymnast Livvy Dunne became a nationally-recognized athlete when she was just a teenager, and her game has only continued growing from there.

Some of her fans may have watched her grow up, as she began using social media when she was only 10, but others have likely grown up with her and watched her grow into the young woman she is today.

While she is most commonly known for her athletics, Livvy has become somewhat of a fashion icon as well. Her love for fashion started early, and it’s clear the 20-year-old still loves design.

Showing off some of her fashion sense, Livvy shared a couple of balcony-view shots on her Instagram account while enjoying the Southeastern Conference.

Though she was largely surrounded by the tall walls of the buildings around her and the cloudy blue sky above her, her simple yet sleek outfit stole the show.

Livvy opted for a simple little black dress that featured very thin straps and paired the outfit with some tall, metallic, heeled boots, along with a purse over her shoulder.

Her blonde locks flowed down her back as she gave the camera a fun pose and showed off her modeling skills.

Livvy Dunne scores massive endorsements following NIL change

In June 2021, the NCAA changed its policy regarding student-athletes profiting from their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). Now, after years of being unable to profit from their own identity, athletes can make profits and have their own brand – though the schools often still have a say in whether or not content is appropriate.

The change was huge for Livvy, as her massive following can earn her up to $1 million a year in earnings, if not more. She has scored some serious brand endorsements since then, with her first brand partnership being with the activewear brand Vuori.

Her deal with Vuori isn’t the only one, though, she has also secured long-term deals with brands like American Eagle, PlantFuel, and Bartleby and has had short-term deals with TooFaced cosmetics and GrubHub.

As part of her partnerships, Livvy can model clothes, do promotional shoots, take over social media accounts, and other forms of content creation online and on social media.

Livvy Dunne shares her passion for fashion

Livvy states on her website that she really loves fashion design and has always enjoyed the more fashionable things in life.

One of the things she loves the most is being able to help design her custom leotards, as she gets to be involved every step of the way, from sketches to fabrics.

Not only does she get to fulfill and follow her passions when she takes part in her leotard designs, but sometimes all the hard work pays off in other ways, too.

“It is so exciting when the finished designs win leotard contests and online polls,” Livvy revealed. “I love to see my ideas come to life.”