Livvy Dunne rival Breckie Hill is in the kitchen, says ‘lemme cook you somethin’

Breckie Hill selfie
Breckie Hill shared a selfie from her kitchen amidst a feud with LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne. Pic credit: @breckiehill/Instagram

Breckie Hill, a rival of Livvy Dunne, recently shared a post from her kitchen as she was apparently about to cook something.

She took a selfie from above wearing a tight black tank top with a black bra underneath as she looked off to the side and kept one arm behind her head.

The blonde bombshell sported gray sweatpants underneath, going for cozy vibes, and accessorized with a pair of hoop earrings.

She kept her makeup fairly natural, with long eyelashes and a bit of lipgloss, while putting on a funny face for the fun photo op.

She tagged her location as Los Angeles, California, and wrote in her caption, “lemme cook u somethin ?.”

Of course, it’s unclear if she actually planned to make some breakfast or was just enjoying the flattering lighting from her kitchen.

Breckie Hill and Livvy Dunne are locked in a social media feud

Breckie and Livvy Dunne are apparently archenemies, which in 2023 means they have beef on social media — and their followers are here for all the drama.

It’s hard to say when the alleged feud actually started, as Livvy herself has never officially confirmed any sort of issues with Breckie. However, some of her TikTok posts definitely seem a bit shady.

In an interview with the TikTok channel Barstool Sports, Breckie explained what seemed to be the very beginnings of the drama at least, going into detail about being blocked by the LSU gymnast.

She told the channel she had been getting comments on her social media pages with followers claiming she was “Livvy 2.0” and then tagging her so she would see.

Breckie claimed she tried to look at Livvy’s Instagram, but she was blocked, so all she could do was respond to a comment from a follower claiming she was Livvy with a bigger chest.

She responded to the comment and Livvy’s friend replied, asking her to take down the post because Livvy found it “weird.”

The Livvy Dunne doppelganger claimed she told the friend that if Livvy found it weird, she could contact her herself, which she never did.

If anything, the feud has only served to gain Breckie more fans, with her Instagram now at 834,000 followers.


@breckiehill acknowledges comments calling her “Livvy Dunne with cannons” @bffspod

♬ original sound – Barstool Sports

Breckie has definitely been capitalizing on her newfound fame, however, as she has been rocking outfits by different brands and garnering a wide amount of attention for her posts.

Breckie rocks Lounge Underwear for Valentine’s Day

In February, most likely in honor of Valentine’s Day, Breckie wore a red lace bra that featured red roses on it.

The bra was part of the Cecily Intimates Set from Lounge Underwear, which costs $95.

Lounge Underwear recently dropped their non-wired sets that resemble the famous Calvin Klein logo sets.

The Bamboo Triangle Bra & Thong/Briefs Set is made of cotton and comes with an elastic band that features the Lounge Underwear logo. It costs $45 and comes in nine different colors.

The non-wired sets are perfect for everyday use, especially for those who are not a fan of underwire bras.

Keep an eye on Breckie’s Instagram, as she may be endorsing Vuori Clothing soon just like Livvy!

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