Livvy Dunne prepares for ‘meet week’ with a gymnastics throwback

Livvy Dunne selfie up close
Gymnast Livvy Dunne is showing her spirit for “meet week Monday.” Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Gymnast Livvy Dunne is preparing for the spring season of gymnastic meets at Louisiana State and knows how to share her excitement with her fans.

Although Livvy has been a gymnastics celebrity for a long time, her stardom doesn’t prevent her from hyping up her teammates – in fact, it only helps her boost their morale.

On Friday, January 6, the LSU gymnastics team will take on Utah’s team for their first meet since December 12. Needless to say, Livvy is excited about the chance to compete again.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the 20-year-old athlete wished her fans and followers a “happy meet week Monday” with a throwback picture of herself in her leotard.

The spandex leotard featured a deep purple to represent her school’s colors but also had sheer black sleeves. The entire piece was embellished with glittering rhinestone designs.

To complete the look, Livvy had a gold crown atop her head, bejeweled with purple gems. She puckered her lips as she posed for the camera, clearly comfortable in her role as a gymnastics princess.

Livvy Dunne's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne and her passion for fashion

Although Livvy is at LSU with a full athletic scholarship in gymnastics, one of her other passions is fashion.

On her website, she tells fans that she adores fashion design and revealed that she gets a hand in designing her own leotards with the help of her gymnastics coach.

“I get to work on everything from the original sketches to fabric selection with my coach, Jen. It is so exciting when the finished designs win leotard contests and online polls. I love to see my ideas come to life,” she writes.

It’s clear that Livvy has a soft spot for fashion all around, especially considering her brand partnerships with many fashion labels.

Livvy Dunne glitters in black for New Year wishes

Never lacking in style, it’s no surprise that Livvy welcomed the new year with a stylish look and a promising quote.

The gymnast appeared to be leaning against a vanity for the shot as she gave the camera a soft smile.

Her blonde locks were parted in the middle and cascaded down her shoulder as she tilted her head slightly, showing off some of her natural makeup look.

She wrote in the caption, “Mirror mirror on the wall, will 2023 be the best year of all?”

Clearly, Livvy is hoping for a great year this year, and though the year has just begun, as long as she keeps up her hard work and continues sharing updates with her fans, a good year is likely in store for the 20-year-old athlete between gymnastics and brand partnerships.