Livvy Dunne models new leotard for a good cause

Livvy Dunne selfie
Livvy Dunne shares support for gymnast Ava Costa. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

It’s not unusual to see LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne in her school leotard, but this time, the famed athlete is modeling a different leo for a good cause.

Livvy took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday ahead of the ACM Awards to promote a “beautiful leotard” meant to help Australian gymnast Ava Costa recover from a spinal injury.

Being an athlete for most of her life, Livvy is no stranger to her own share of injuries and knows just how hard it can be to get back on your game.

That said, spinal cord surgery is much different than a broken foot or ankle, so it sounds like Ava can use all the support she can get.

Livvy was the perfect model to support this good cause, given that she’s a gymnast herself and has incredible modeling skills.

Livvy encouraged her followers to purchase the leotard to help Ava out and included the link to purchase the leotard, which included more information on Ava’s journey.

Livvy Dunne's Instagram Story
Livvy Dunne shares support with a colorful leotard. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne supports injured gymnast Ava Costa

Gymnastics practice apparel brand Sylvia P partnered with Ava Costa and her family for the Walking With Ava Leotard. The profits of each sale will be donated to the Walking With Ava Foundation to support her recovery.

Donations are also welcome if one is not interested in purchasing a leotard.

Ava is a 14-year-old gymnast on the Australian National Team who was preparing for the 2024 Olympics.

Unfortunately, on April 7, 2023, she suffered a severe spinal injury during training, and even following emergency surgery, Ava was left with no movement below the injured part of her spine.

Although this life-changing injury is certainly a beast to handle, Ava and her family are working hard toward her recovery and are using the Walking With Ava foundation to keep followers updated on her recovery and for followers to over their support via donations and contact forms.

With her platform and good-hearted nature, Livvy offered her own support and help toward Ava’s recovery, from one talented gymnast to another.

Livvy Dunne recovers from her own injury

In December, Livvy suffered an injury to her foot that kept her from competing in the 2023 spring season.

Despite the injury, Livvy kept her spirits high with fun videos and supported her teammates through and through as they competed.

Now, Livvy is bootless and seems to be completely recovered and ready to get back to training full-on to take on the next gymnastics season.

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David Levey
David Levey
19 days ago

In the second paragraph of the story, you incorrectly state “Austrian gymnast Ava Costa;” however, in the rest of the story you correctly say Ava Costa is an Australian gymnast. A little oops by the copywriters?

We all wish Ava all the best on her long road to recovery.