Livvy Dunne makes the best of her injury with cute and funny video

Livvy Dunne selfie up close
Livvy Dunne is “riding dirty” with some mobile assistance in her leotard. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instgram

Being an athlete rarely comes without injuries, and famed gymnast Livvy Dunne knows what it’s like to be down for the count.

The stunning athlete chose to go to college over being a pro in gymnastics after an injury in her teens. Still, the 20-year-old has been sidelined for the start of this season as she recovers from another leg injury.

In most of her recent pictures, fans have gotten used to seeing Livvy with a boot on one leg as she continues to let the injury heal.

However, the injury isn’t getting her down, as the rising TikTok star took to the video-sharing app to post a fun video of herself with her boot and knee scooter.

She sported an LSU leotard, and her blonde locks were down as she “sped” by on the scooter, nodding her head down to knock a pair of sunglasses over her eyes.

She overlapped Chamillionaire’s Ridin’ over the video, jokingly captioning the shot, “Burnin rubber.”

Livvy Dunne partners with Vuori

As a famous college athlete, Livvy has been able to take advantage of the changes in profiting off of Name, Image, and Likness (NIL) and secure quite a hefty bank account for herself.

She’s teamed up with many fashion brands, but the one she tends to promote the most is the athleisure brand Vuori.

Her deal with the athletic apparel brand was her first brand deal after the NIL change, likely securing a more-than-comfortable chunk of change since she has millions of followers across her platforms.

Of the partnership, Vuori Vice President of Marketing, Nikki Sakelliou, revealed that the brand was “excited” to bring Livvy on and that Livvy definitely represents everything the brand stands for.

Nikki concluded, “From her astonishing talents and determination as a gymnast to the positivity she spreads on social media, Livvy is a wonderful representation of the mindset we at Vuori aim to inspire.”

Vuori figureheads weren’t the only ones happy with the deal though – Livvy was rather ecstatic herself as she’s an avid fashion-lover and has even designed many of her leotards before her college days.

The college gymnast spoke on the brand, noting, “I love expressing myself through my style and I fell in love with Vuori because I thought their clothes looked and felt amazing. I couldn’t be more proud that my first brand partnership is with them.”

Livvy Dunne shares her Vuori style

It’s fairly common to see Livvy share her outfits on Instagram when she’s not in a leotard, and whether she’s formal or casual, the gymnast is always looking cute and fresh.

Since she’s partnered with Vuori, they make up a lot of her wardrobe, but their clothes seem very fitting for Livvy’s active lifestyle.

She’s often spotted wearing their tanks, sports bras, leggings, and shorts, clearly filling her wardrobe with her favorite pieces.

No matter what she’s wearing, she’s absolutely beautiful and is sure to have more partnerships in the future.

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