Livvy Dunne kicks legs up in a leotard for time on the throne

Livvy Dunne is assuming her position on LSU throne. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne reminded fans why she secured the honor as one of the highest-paid NCAA athletes while she sat on a throne as the Queen of LSU gymnastics.

The gorgeous gymnast, who just turned 20 years old, represented Louisiana State University to the fullest in a black and purple leotard with rhinestone embellishments.

She posed for an LSU-themed shoot, complete with a crown and a throne.

Livvy shared the latest photoshoot with her 2.2 million Instagram followers and quickly received comments and likes for her efforts.

Olivia struck a few poses, remaining in gymnast mode with pointed toes and fabulous form.

The first picture featured Livvy sitting on a purple throne with decadent gold legs as the student showed major school spirit.

Olivia ‘Livvy’ Dunne is the LSU Queen of gymnastics

She tied her long blonde hair in a ponytail with pieces of her bangs hanging down from her crown to frame her face.

Livvy grabbed the end of her ponytail with one hand and rested the other on the throne as she crossed her legs and gave a boss pose.

Olivia’s toes were pointed, showing she remains in gymnast mode most of the time.

Livvy switched it up for the second shot as she lounged across the chair and pointed her legs over one side of the throne. She held the crown with one hand and placed the other on the throne’s armrest as she continued to give Queen of LSU vibes.

A swipe right showed Livvy’s hair in a ponytail with loose curls at the ends. She turned to the side and arched her back as she showed perfect form with her arms crossed. Her leotard featured sheer mesh arms with crystal embellishments decorating the back, creating gorgeous aesthetics.

Olivia posed against a yellow textured wall as she stayed true to the school pride vibe.

The final photo showed a smiling Livvy looking down at her opulent crown, decorated with diamonds and amethysts. She held the crown in both hands with the same background as the prior photo.

Her caption was a clever play on words, “purple reign.”

Livvy Dunne benefits from brand deals

Livvy Dunne belongs to a new generation of NCAA athletes who enjoy the benefits of relaxed regulations.

Unlike college athletes before her, Olivia gets to use her name and likeness to secure brand deals, and she has taken full advantage of that ability.

She signed with Vuori clothing and American Eagle in two very lucrative deals, but the gymnast is just getting started.

Olivia has 6.1 million TikTok followers and 2.2 million Instagram followers, which gives her major influencing power and potential for earnings.