Livvy Dunne is ‘double trouble’ with teammate for gymnastics meet

Livvy Dunne
Livvy Dunne amped up the fun with her LSU teammate for a recent social media share. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne maintains her team spirit in a fun and cheeky social media share featuring one of her LSU teammates.

The two Louisiana State University student-athletes took a moment away from their packed gymnastics schedules to snap a quick picture ahead of their latest competition.

Though Livvy has continued to heal from her lower leg injury this season, she’s somehow managed to keep her lively spirit and bubbly personality at the forefront.

Livvy and her LSU Tiger teammates are preparing for their next meet, set to take place on Friday, March 3.

The upcoming competition will find the LSU gymnastics team in a podium challenge, meaning they’ll perform their routines on a raised stage, which can be tricky.

However, given the upcoming challenge, Livvy and her teammate are more focused on bringing their “double trouble” energy as they prepare for what is to come.

Livvy Dunne and her LSU gymnastics teammate say they’re ‘double trouble’ in matching spandex leotards

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Livvy re-shared a post originally uploaded by her teammate KJ Johnson.

In the carousel post, two pictures were shared of Livvy and KJ in their LSU competition spandex.

In the first shot, Livvy and KJ stood with their bodies pressed against one another. With their arms down by their sides, the gymnasts clasped their hands together and popped out a hip.

They both turned to face the camera and give the lens their best duck lip pouts.

“Double the trouble😈,” KJ captioned the original post.

Livvy and KJ matched in their sleeveless leotards that featured a high neckline, gold stripes along the bodice, and gemstones scattered throughout the top half of the garment.

Livvy’s hair was separated into two bright blonde space buns, one on either side of her head. Light whisps were pulled out of the updo to frame Livvy’s gorgeous face.

The second shot of the post was similar to the first.

Screenshot from Livvy Dunne's IG Stories.
Livvy re-shared a picture featuring herself and LSU gymnastics teammate KJ Johnson. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

However, in this shot, KJ lovingly smiled toward her friend and teammate while Livvy continued to send duck lips in the camera’s direction.

Livvy endorses Vuori clothing with perfectly fitting athleticwear

With Livvy’s success as a social media influencer continuously on the rise, the 20-year-old is reaping the benefits of having a high follower count when it comes to brand endorsements.

One of Livvy’s most significant endorsements to date includes Vuori clothing. The athleticwear brand, known for its well-made garments and commitment to empowering women, can often be seen on Livvy’s Instagram.

In addition to the benefits of reaching Livvy’s 3.7 million followers is undoubtedly a positive; it doesn’t hurt the brand to see how perfectly their pieces fit Livvy’s ultra-fit physique.

In a post from October 2022, Livvy took a simple, all-black Vuori ensemble to the next level with her perfect tan, bright blonde locks, and athletic build.

The first picture found Livvy crouching against the pavement while looking off to the side in a matching black tank top and legging combo.

“Come scoop! @vuoriclothing #vuoripartner,” Livvy wrote in the post’s caption.

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