Livvy Dunne introduces new blonde LSU ‘recruit’

Livvy Dunne up close
Livvy Dunne was joined by another beautiful blonde as she introduced LSU’s latest gymnastics “recruit.” Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne couldn’t help but smile as she jokingly introduced her fan base to the newest “recruit” to LSU’s gymnastics team.

Though the video was made as a joke, Livvy and her friend Katie (who isn’t actually joining the team) still had a blast teasing her addition to an already-packed roster.

Livvy and her LSU Tiger teammates are currently in the midst of their gymnastics season. In addition to their studies for university, their schedule is packed with practices and various competitions and meets.

Early in the season, Livvy was injured and had to sit out from their first set of competitions.

Thankfully, she’s back in action and joined her team at their most recent meet on March 3, 2023.

The season isn’t over yet, but that hasn’t stopped Livvy from having a little fun in her downtime.

Livvy Dunne jokingly announces another blonde friend is set to join the LSU Tiger’s gymnastics team

Taking to TikTok, Livvy shared the lighthearted video featuring herself and fellow bright blonde friend Katie Sigmond.

The quick five-second clip had Livvy hitting record while in the gym. She lip-synced the words, “She said she wished there was two of me,” as she backed up further away from the camera.

As she took a step back, Livvy also took her friend’s hand and brought her into the frame.

Both gorgeous blondes smiled brightly while swaying their hips from side to side.

Livvy wore signature athletic attire in a fitted black cropped tank top and short white athletic bottoms.

She wore her hair pin-straight and parted down the center.

As for Livvy’s friend Katie, she wore a pair of high-waisted jeans and a fitted white crop top.

Unlike Livvy’s straight locks, Katie wore her long blonde hair in perfectly formed waves that fell down her shoulders towards her waist.

“our newest recruit,” Livvy captioned the post alongside a winky face emoji.

Livvy was a vision in red to promote Victoria’s Secret lingerie

In addition to her already packed schedule, Livvy continually builds her personal brand as a social media influencer.

On Instagram, Livvy has an impressive 3.2 million followers. And while that’s clearly its own accomplishment, Livvy’s follower count is even higher on TikTok, where she boasts a hefty 7.2 million followers.

Being that she’s got a combined total of more than 10 million followers across social media platforms, it nearly goes without saying that Livvy is a full-blown influencer.

Part of her influencer status also means that Livvy has the opportunity to work alongside some massive brands.

In a post to Instagram shortly before Christmas 2022, Livvy shared an upload of herself being “santa’s fav:)” in a stunning bright red teddy from Victoria’s Secret.

She paired the outfit with thigh-high white pantyhose, and the post was impressive enough to garner over 750,000 likes and nearly 5,000 comments supporting the blonde beauty.

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