Livvy Dunne heats things up with pre-season workouts

Gymnast Olivia Dunne is hitting the beam during practice in a cheeky spandex leotard as she prepares for the upcoming season. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne did it again as the gorgeous and talented athlete posed from the mats at LSU in a skintight leotard.

Livvy’s pre-season as an NCAA gymnast for LSU is just heating up, a fact she referenced in the caption of her post.

As a college athlete for a Division I, team, Livvy has high expectations and undoubtedly a lot of pressure to perform. Her frequent photos from the locker room and out on the mats suggest that Livvy is doing her part and staying in shape while having fun.

The gymnast geotagged the LSU, where she had represented her school to the fullest all year, and Livvy’s latest share was no exception.

She posted two pictures: one as she approached the balance beam and the other as she prepared to tackle the uneven bars.

Unsurprisingly, the post was quite popular on Instagram, securing 658k likes in less than one day since she posted it.

Livvy Dunne stuns in a purple cheeky leotard for LSU preseason

The first photo showed Livvy as she stood by the balance beam, which was covered in chalk from previous gymnasts. The blonde beauty stood with a focused look on her face holding her hands close with a pretty pink manicure.

Livvy brought her style to the mats in a fabulous black leotard with cold shoulders and an off-the-shoulder design. The New Jersey native secured her platinum blonde tresses in a high and messy bun with pieces of her bangs framing her famous face. The backdrop showed the gymnasium windows with LSU colors and exercise machines lining the auditorium.

The second shot featured Livvy from a different angle, rocking an LSU leotard. She wore wrist braces as she approached another device, likely the vault or uneven bars. Livvy maintained her determined look and sported a natural glow.

Livvy’s caption read, “tis the pre-szn :).”

While Livvy has achieved success as a college gymnast, her financial success has come from her partnerships.

One of Livvy’s most popular partnerships has been with Vuori clothing.

Livvy Dunne partners with Vuori clothing

A quick trip to Livvy’s Instagram shows the athlete consistently represents Vuori, a brand she partnered with in 2021. Vuori was Livvy’s first partnership after the NCAA loosened regulations regarding athletes’ use of their names, likeness, and image.

Livvy quickly benefited from the ability to monetize her image and brand and joined the company.

Although the specifics regarding the brand deal haven’t been disclosed, Forbes estimated the contract to be somewhere in the six figures.

Livvy said about her Vuori deal, “This is my first exclusive brand deal I’ve ever done, so I was trying to find a brand to work with that is authentic to me and that I would want to introduce to my audience to because they trust me.”

Livvy has certainly introduced her audience to Vuori with the partnership that has shone a spotlight on the company.