Livvy Dunne gives ‘feelin 22’ birthday shoutout

Livvy Dunne selfie
Livvy Dunne is shared a birthday wish as her friend turns 22 years old. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Olivia “Livvy” Dunne shared a different type of content than fans have seen in the past few months.

With LSU gymnastics in full swing and Livvy a member of the NCAA team, the athlete has spent a lot of time on the road and on the mats.

Recent posts have seen the social media sensation hinting at a new romance, lipsynching to hit songs, and doing viral challenges. Livvy has also made time to promote her sponsorships, like Vuori, American Eagle, and BodyARMOR.

Livvy’s shares and peppy personality have caused her social media accounts to skyrocket. The New Jersey native has 7.1 million followers on TikTok and 3.5 million on Instagram. 

But Livvy is a college student, after all. 

So, sometimes she has a night out to celebrate a friend — that was the case in a recent share.

Livvy Dunne celebrates LSU teammate’s 22nd birthday with a sports bar night

Livvy shared a picture of her and her friend on her Instagram Stories.

As longtime LSU gymnastics fans might notice, the birthday girl was a familiar face.

Livvy tagged the birthday girl, Kamryn Ryan, in the post, and a quick trip to her IG shows she is also on the LSU team.

Livvy Dunne is sharing a 'feelin 22' birthday shoutout
Livvy Dunne is sharing a birthday outing at a sports bar as her friend turns 22 years old. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

The blonde beauty looked gorgeous and glowing with a sleeveless white crop top and high-waisted medium-wash jeans. Her blonde tresses cascaded past her shoulders with perfect curls and a lot of volume.

Livvy completed her look with a white belt, which matched her top. Her makeup was gorgeous, with lavish lashes, winged eyeliner, and dewy skin.

Meanwhile, Kamryn wore a timeless jean jacket, distressed jeans, and a black top. She had a birthday glow with sparkly shadow, glossy lips, and winged eyeliner.

It looked like a fun night and a well-deserved break for the hardworking athletes.

But soon, it will be back to work for Livvy, who has a BodyARMOR deal.

Livvy Dunne promotes BodyARMOR

BodyARMOR has secured some well-known faces to promote its product.

Jennifer Lopez and Livvy have represented the brand, even joining forces for a promotional video.

The two starred in a fun campaign, which saw the ladies hitting the gym and promoting the product.

The drink, BodyARMOR SportWater, has a pH level of 9+. In addition, it has added electrolytes to facilitate all-day hydration. 


#stitch with @BODYARMOR new year same grind:) @jlo

♬ Teen Snakes by Into The Music – Emil Högberg

Proponents of alkaline water have suggested it might prevent illnesses like cancer because of the regulation of the acidity in the body. 

One thing is certain, what Livvy touched turns to gold, and BodyARMOR SportWater is about to be a campus favorite.

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