Livvy Dunne gives a twirl to show off her Valentine’s Day roses

Livvy Dunne.
Livvy Dunne takes a spin while showing off her Valentine’s Day roses. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Louisiana State University student-athlete Livvy Dunne made the most of Valentine’s Day and was seemingly more than happy to share in the romantic holiday in a recent social media share.

The stunning blonde is busy with school and a packed gymnastics schedule, but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to build her personal brand as a social media influencer.

Part of her influence includes sharing special moments with her fans and followers online, and Livvy is a pro.

From sponsored posts with brands like Vuori clothing to more lighthearted moments like twirling in her room to show off her dazzling bouquet of roses, Livvy is seldom at a loss for content.

Her most recent share to the massively successful TikTok app, Livvy not only showed off her bright red, pink, and white roses, but she also opened up and shared her sense of humor as well.

As it turns out, Livvy might be a tad bit more romantic than she’s let on.

LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne shares a twirl to show off her bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses

Over on her TikTok account, Livvy was gorgeous in a form-fitted little black dress. The simple dress was classic and chic on the 20-year-old and featured a plunging neckline, and the hem fell near the top of Livvy’s thighs.

She kept her makeup simple for the fun video with a neutral gloss and light eyeshadow highlighted by some dark black mascara.

Livvy’s blonde hair was parted down the middle and fell down her shoulders in the softest of waves.

Accessories were kept light for the look with small yellow-gold hoops in her ears.

The video clip began with Livvy leaning in towards the camera as she brought her roses into view. Along with colorful roses, a light pink ribbon tied the green stems together.

Livvy lipsynced using a sound aptly labeled, “if you wanna makeout w me just ask.”

As she mouthed the words, “What are you doing? If you wanna make out, just ask. I would say yes,” Livvy pointed her bouquet at the camera and twirled before winking and smiling to round out the video’s end.

Livvy continues to promote Vuori clothing while stepping out in the snow

Livvy continues to build her following on social media and currently boasts 3.6 million followers on Instagram and 7.1 million followers on TikTok.

With a massive following like that, brands are often more than happy to work alongside influencers to help boost their own profiles.

Such is the case with Vuori clothing. The athleticwear brand claims they are “a new perspective on performance apparel” and creates pieces “inspired” by Californian life.

And given Livvy’s active lifestyle and commitment to her sport of gymnastics, she was a natural fit to partner with Vuori.

In her latest sponsored post, Livvy headed out into the cold, snowy weather while sporting a matching black crop top and legging set from the brand.

“Just chillin:) @vuoriclothing,” the caption for the post read.

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The reality is the women’s sport requires a lot of power…not strength. Don’t take that wrong, it’s an extremely difficult physical accomplishment. The men’s side takes strength because of static holds, I.e. Iron Cross, planche,…