Livvy Dunne enjoys fun in the sun

Livvy Dunne.
Livvy Dunne soaked up some sun with a fun pool selfie. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Gymnast Livvy Dunne wasn’t about to let the warm weather go to waste in a recent social media share.

While Livvy and her Louisiana State University gymnastics teammates continue on with their current season, Livvy makes the most of her downtime, as is evident in her most recent post.

Livvy and her teammates have been hit hard with injuries this season. Even Livvy herself was sidelined due to a lower leg injury.

However, it seems she is on the mend as she soaked up the sun’s rays in her pool share.

Stunning from the clear blue waters of the pool, Livvy switched up her usual social media content with the sunny view.

Livvy looked content, and in her happy place, while wading in the calm waters, the peace was nearly palpable.

Livvy Dunne dons a bright pink bikini for a low-key pool share

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Livvy shared a solo shot as she stood on her tippy toes in a massive pool.

The blue waters perfectly reflected the sun’s warm rays, and Livvy apparently couldn’t help to take in the serene views around her.

Livvy was submerged up to her chest, with her strapless, bright pink bikini top visible just above the water line.

The bubbly blonde paired the bikini top with matching bottoms.

She went makeup-free for the snap, and her hair was slicked back and away from her face, likely due to putting her head under the water.

Livvy brought her hands up to her torso and gazed over her shoulder, away from the camera’s lens for the post. She held a soft smile across her lips.

Livvy also geo-tagged LSU.

Screenshot from Livvy Dunne's IG Stories.
Livvy Dunne poses in a crystal clear pool. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy continues her partnership with Vuori clothing

Livvy continues to grow her following on social media, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be slowing down any time soon.

As of this writing, Livvy has 3.7 million followers on Instagram alone, with more than double that on TikTok.

With a following like that, coupled with her youthful essence, Livvy makes for the perfect ambassador for brands.

Vuori clothing, for example, is more than happy to partner with Livvy as she posts to social media, often sporting garments from the brand’s athleticwear.

Livvy is naturally stunning in each of her sponsored posts.

From winter uploads featuring plenty of snow to snaps in the shade of a parking lot, Livvy switches up her backdrops but continues to pull in plenty of likes and comments when wearing Vuori.

With such an overwhelmingly positive reach into her following, Vuori will likely continue to work with Livvy for months to come.

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23 days ago

If you people had not brought it up would anyone notice that she has any cleavage?

You are creating something out of nothing. She is a pretty young gymnast who posed for a photo in a pool. Stop trying to create controversy where there is not any.

There are enough real issues going on in the world to cover without trying to create something. Most of these gymnasts are young and have basically zero body for never less any breast. Stop, please just stop.