Livvy Dunne celebrates big win with teammate Elena Arenas

Livvy Dunne selfie
Livvy Dunne posed with her teammate Elena Arenas before their Denver, Colorado meet. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne and the LSU Tigers had a fantastic weekend as they advanced to the 2023 NCAA Championships after clinching second place at the NCAA Denver Regional Final.

Livvy and her teammate Elena Arenas happily posed in their hotel room in Denver, clearly in a motivated mood. Elena even earned herself a 9.900 at the Regional Final with an incredible vault, acting as a major role model for the team.

Livvy and Elena posed in black velvet leotards with a rhinestone pattern on the front, and it looked like they were having tons of fun sharing a room together.

The LSU Tiger smiled wide as she lifted one leg in a graceful posture. She lifted one arm and held Elena’s hand, who stood in front of her in a similar pose.

Both ladies had their hair thrown up into ponytails for the meet, and Livvy left her makeup natural, as she usually prefers, with mascara and light lipgloss.

Livvy showed some love for her team as she put a purple heart emoji and a tiger at the top of her picture and tagged Denver, Colorado.

LSU gymnasts Livvy Dunne and Elena Arenas posing in their leotards
Livvy Dunne showed off her perfect 10 curves in an LSU leotard. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne’s team the LSU Tigers advanced to the NCAA Championships

The ecstatic squad of talented ladies earned a team score of 197.750, tying for second place with Michigan in a nail-biting moment. However, the sixth score from each rotation was used to break the tie, leaving the Tigers out on top.

Head coach Jay Clark was cautiously optimistic as usual, telling LSU Sports that the team has a fighting spirit and though they aren’t perfect, they do enough to keep going.

He said, “The beat goes on. We weren’t perfect, but this team just continues to fight and do enough to keep it going. I’m just so proud of them and their [spirit] and who they are as people. They do it for each other.”

The team had just recently competed in the NCAA Regional Championships in Denver, Colorado, on Friday, tying with Oregon State with a team score of 197.375, thus, it’s been a busy weekend for the LSU Tigers.

Livvy endorsed the Nate app, a shopping app where users can create their own lists

After the NIL Policy came about, Livvy grabbed onto endorsement deals with both hands, with one of her earliest being the Nate app.

The app could best be described as Pinterest meets the old-school Polyvore, a website where you could create collages with various clothing items.

App users can create lists of their favorite items, send gifts to friends, and buy products with just one tap. If there is something you like on a website, you can open it in the app, tap and buy; it’s that simple.

When she advertised the app, Livvy offered followers $50 free spending money and the opportunity to shop her list of favorite items.

Keep an eye on Livvy’s Instagram for more gymnastics updates and perhaps some future clothing endorsements.

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