Livvy Dunne caps off March with fun photo dump

Livvy Dunne poses for a pic.
Livvy Dunne showed off some of her best memories from March. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne seemed to find herself in a reminiscent frame of mind as she shared a fun-filled collage of good times had in March to cap off the month.

The 20-year-old former USA national team member and current member of the LSU Tigers women’s gymnastics team hopped onto her wildly popular social media page to post an epic share to celebrate the end of a tough but successful 31 days.

Going with a one-page snapshot of eight peppy photos from her time at her college, basking in the sun during time off, and rocking the gymnastics floor with her teammates, Livvy gave new meaning to the term “photo dump.”

Starting things off by posing in a royal blue sports crop top with cozy-looking pink sweatpants, Livvy showed off six-pack abs as she snapped a mirror selfie, presumably inside her dorm room.

Next, Livvy could be seen sharing a laugh with one of her college pals as the pair snuggled close in loungewear on a sofa.

Livvy then switched to a snippet of her gymnastics get-up, leaning back into another teammate as she cast her eyes down toward the floor and gave a small smile while propping one hand underneath her chin for flair and capturing the snap with the other, outstretched hand.

Livvy Dunne rocks a bikini and leotard for March memories

Livvy continued her photo dump collage with a shot from the gym floor as she stood proud in a shimmery, purple leotard with crisscrossed back straps, showing off super-toned legs as she turned her back to the lens and glanced over one shoulder.

For all of her gymnastics pics, Livvy rocked what seems to be her signature hairstyle for competitions, pulling her locks back in a messy bun with two french braids running along the top of her head to meet up with her hair tie.

Livvy Dunne poses in leotards and bikinis to celebrate the end of March.
Livvy Dunne shares a fun collage of memories from March. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

The NCAA SEC Championship silver and bronze medal winner proved that her skills go far beyond knowing how to wow her near-4-million followers as she dominates the uneven bars with an incredible handstand.

Two of the athlete’s final snaps showed her relaxing in the Louisiana sunshine while sporting a fun, leopard-print bikini, her blonde hair tied loosely in a side braid that hung over her shoulder and arm, before posing next to the blue wall on the gymnastics floor, bending one knee up and making a duck face at the lens.

As Livvy continues to enjoy her time at LSU and with the Tigers team, it’s clear that the student takes her sport seriously and puts in the hard work it takes to keep her body in shape to conquer her floor routines.

Livvy Dunne shares a look at part of her workout

As shared by Monsters and Critics, Livvy let her fans in on some of her fitness secrets as she captured a short video clip of herself working up a good sweat for a mini set.

Starting off attacking two sets of 20 push-ups, Livvy proved again that she has the strength to match her physique, making the move appear effortless as she pumped herself up and down in rapid succession.

Livvy quickly moved into 20 sets of squat jumps before going to two sets of 30 leg raises.

The athlete worked in impressive sets of sit-up twists that showed just how strong her abdominal muscles have become over her years of training and competing.

Balanced, one-leg squats, double-leg, horizontal raises and feet kicks, and plank push-ups rounded out her short routine.

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