Livvy Dunne almost forgets her ‘backpack’ in hilarious video with LSU teammate

Livvy Dunne selfie
Gymnast Livvy Dunne joked about forgetting her backpack for a silly trend with her LSU teammate. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Livvy Dunne isn’t one to miss out on fun social media trends, and she often uses the help of her LSU gymnastics teammates to create hilarious content.

In her most recent social media share, Livvy joked that she almost forgot her “backpack.”

However, it wasn’t the backpack most people were used to seeing, and it made for quite a funny video.

Livvy and her LSU teammates are in the thick of their current season.

And while they’re giving the season their all, they don’t forget to live a little between classes, practice, and gymnastics meets.

Livvy’s bright smile naturally stole the show, and her team spirit hasn’t waivered one bit.

Livvy Dunne jokes about almost forgetting her ‘backpack’ while hanging out with teammates

Over on TikTok, Livvy shared a short clip featuring one of her teammates. Over the video, Livvy used the 414bigfrank Backpack – Big frank sound.

As the video starts, Livvy and her teammate bounce along to the sound which repeats the word “backpack” repeatedly.

Both were donning their LSU spandex leotards as Livvy turned to her friend, and they took each other’s hand before Livvy spun around and gave her friend a piggyback — or backpack — ride.

The young student-athletes spin around and laugh at themselves before the video ends.

“almost forgot my backpack,” Livvy wrote in the post’s caption, along with a dizzy face and space emoji.

Livvy ups her social media influencer status with American Eagle promotions

Livvy continues to build her personal brand as a social media influencer when she’s not focused on her studies and gymnastics.

With a massive social media presence, which included 3.4 million followers on Instagram and 7.2 million followers on TikTok, Livvy is the perfect influencer for brands like American Eagle.

In February 2022, Livvy partnered with the famous brand for a series of shots featuring their ever-popular denim line.

Perched against a barstool, Livvy sat sideways, her toes barely touching the floor. Sporting a pair of the brand’s jeans, Livvy paired them with a simple white tank top.

“perfect jeans? @americaneagle flares #aepartner #aeathleticdept,” she captioned the post.

Livvy once again promoted American Eagle in August 2022 with yet another set of pictures featuring the bubbly blonde wearing their famous jeans.

For this set of pictures, Livvy crouched down with one hand placed on her knee while her other was used to pull her hair up and away from the back of her neck.

Given Livvy’s overall follower count of over 10 million and her vibrant and youthful energy, it is no surprise that she continues to partner with big brands.

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