Lisa Rinna stuns in purple tie dye with a matching fur for epic throwback

Lisa Rinna smiles with closed lips on the red carpet.
Lisa Rinna shows off her brown bob haircut. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Although many people might recognize Lisa Rinna from her time starring in the Real Housewives franchise, she was making waves way before that.

Lisa is a talented actress from major soap operas back in the day such as Melrose Place and Days of Our Lives.

It was back then that tons of gorgeous pictures were captured of Lisa while she was living her best life.

Lisa shared a throwback image of herself from years ago when she was at the height of her soap opera acting career.

In the throwback shot, Lisa looked stunning as ever wearing an outfit that stood out in an elegant way.

The reality star and soap opera actress also recently shared a couple of photos wearing a designer pair of sunglasses.

Lisa Rinna is ravishing in purple

The throwback picture Lisa shared in a long purple gown looked absolutely amazing. The purple dress Lisa wore back in the day looked exquisite with its variety of gorgeous colors.

The dress was designed to be a blend of lavender, purple, blue, white, and black. It was covered in blotches of dark and light colors that sort of swirled together from the top to the bottom.

Lisa Rinna wears purple fur in a throwback image.
Lisa Rinna shares a throwback picture in a purple dress. Pic credit: @lisarinna/Instagram

It was also designed with a low-cut V-neck to show off some of the skin over her chest area. The thin spaghetti straps also revealed her collarbone and shoulders.

Lisa wore a purple-colored faux fur boa to complete the look. In the throwback picture, Lisa was wearing a gorgeous face of makeup that included eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. Her dark hair appeared to be pulled back into a bun or a ponytail.

Lisa Rinna looks fabulous in Balenciaga shades

Lisa shared two selfies wearing a pair of Balenciaga sunglasses, and she looked like a total showstopper. She paired the large sunglasses with a simple black turtleneck shirt.

On her bottom half, she wore a pair of dark pants, solidifying a bit of a mysterious aura. Lisa posed for the selfies with her hair slicked back, out of her face.

Her hair was darker on top and lighter at the bottom. More specifically, her brunette strands started with a chocolate color near her roots leading down to a honey color towards her tips.

She wore a simple face of makeup that included plain lip gloss or a neutral shade of lipstick. She added a caption that said, “Futures so bright I need shades. New @balenciaga [white dove emoji].”

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