Lisa Kudrow can’t wait to reunite with the Friends cast: Assures us it will be really fun

Lisa Kudrow on the red carpet
Lisa Kudrow is excited for all six cast members of Friends to get back together on HBO. Pic credit: © Admedia

The cast of Friends is set to reunite soon for an HBO Max special, and Lisa Kudrow says she can’t wait for it to happen. She also calmed the nerves of many a Friends fan by assuring everybody it will be “really fun.”

Kudrow, who played the lovable but kooky Phoebe Buffay on the hit sitcom, will be getting together with Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer for the event, and she assured fans the new installment would exceed all our expectations.

“I can’t wait for it to happen,” the Friend told Entertainment Tonight.

She added: “The six of us haven’t been in a room together in front of people in 25 years and only once a few years ago, privately for dinner… I can only imagine. It’s gonna be fun. I mean, it’ll be really fun.”

There have been rumors of a Friends reunion for years

Ever since the show ended in 2004, fans have remained hopeful that the show would return, and rumors surrounding the former cast of a potential get together have rumbled along for years; however, these rumors always faded into nothing.

That is until now. The news was first announced at the end of last year that the six friends would be reforming for a special on HBO Max.

There were still doubts over whether the whole last would return, but then the excitement grew after Jennifer Aniston posted a pic of all six of them together on her Instagram, which, at the time, pretty much blew up the internet.

Lisa Kudrow claims Friends Netflix run caused guys to consider a reunion

Kudrow stated that the guys decided to reunite because of the success the show had on Netflix; the 56-year-old claimed that they really hadn’t seriously considered reforming before that.

“To be honest, I think when it moved to Netflix, and it did so well on Netflix, she explained.

She also praised the show’s co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane and credited them with making the sitcom such a long-lasting success. She said, “That’s why Mart and David are so great… they knew what they were doing.”

Meanwhile, Lisa Kudrow delighted fans earlier this year when she appeared in the penultimate episode of the 4th season of The Good Place. The Friend put in a hilarious performance as the ancient philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria.

The Friends special is expected to air on HBO Max at the end of this summer.

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