Lira Galore pregnant: Who is her baby daddy?

Lira Galore in the video confirming her pregnancy, two weeks after her apparent split from the baby’s father. Pic credit: Lira Galore/Instagram

Lira Galore confirmed her pregnancy on Christmas 2018 after previously denying that she was expecting a baby with her fiancé Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas.  

As previously reported, Lira and Pee Thomas had a social media spat after he appeared to confirm on social media that he is also expecting a child with Instagram model Kaylar Will.

Thomas revealed Lira’s pregnancy in a now-deleted Instagram video, which he captioned “She Cappin. We In Love.”  

Lira claimed to have known about Kaylar Will’s pregnancy and accused her former fiancé of attempting to embarrass her. 

Without mentioning Pierre Thomas by name, Lira Mercer confirmed that she is 22 weeks pregnant in an Instagram video on December 25. In a message alongside it, the 25-year-old model claims that the child was planned with her baby daddy. 

Pee Thomas’s deleted Instagram post seemingly confirms that he is her baby daddy. The couple were engaged but appeared to end their relationship two weeks before Christmas. During their apparent breakup, Lira accused her former fiancé of cheating, bullying and disrespecting her.

Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas has not responded to her accusations. Lira Galore was previously engaged to rapper Rick Ross and has been linked to Quavo of the Migos, Meek Mill and NBA player Will Barton. 

The stunning model has over 4 million followers on her Instagram account and is expected to give birth in about three to four months.

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