Linn Lowes shares her secret to toned glutes and legs

Linn Lowes IG selfie August 2021
Linn snaps a stunning selfie to show off her gains. Pic credit: @linnlowes/Instagram

Personal trainer and social media sensation Linn Lowes is sharing her trick to achieving a sculpted lower half.

Linn has a jaw-dropping figure, so who better than her to give advice on attaining toned glutes and legs?

That’s exactly what Linn did in her latest Instagram post, demonstrating how to get a full glute and leg workout using a barbell.

The Swedish beauty began by recording herself showing off the fruits of her labor. Linn faced away from the camera as she flexed her glutes in a pair of ultra-short gray hot pants that accentuated her posterior.

Linn paired her shorts with a light gray cut-off sweatshirt, sports bra, white socks, and matching athletic shoes. She wore her long, blonde hair down in a center part and straight, smiling and striking a few poses in front of the camera.

In a second slide, Linn shared six images of herself getting to work. She used the weighted barbell on her exercise machine to perform a series of lunges, squats, Romanian deadlifts, kickbacks, and bridges.

Linn Lowes shows her fans how she achieves toned glutes and legs with just one piece of equipment

Linn’s videos highlighted her tanned and toned body and her perfect form and execution.

Linn captioned her Instagram post, “Glutes & Leggos!! ?? The best workouts are the ones that gets DONE! Am I right?!”

She continued, “If you have the possibility, invest in a couple dumbbells and/or a barbell – so when you can’t hit the gym, you can fit a lil’ home workout in! Check your local gym if they’re upgrading any equipment, their old equipment can be your bargain! SWIPE for a full glute & leg workout using only a barbell! ??”

Linn then listed the number of reps and sets for each movement and told her 3.1 million IG followers, “This glute bridge version is truly underrated! Totally hits different because of the angle of the load. Give it a go!!”

Linn is a cancer survivor

Linn has catapulted to fame not only because of her beauty, enviable frame, and workout tips; she’s also a cancer survivor. Linn was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 26.

In the Instagram post below, Linn shared a before-and-after photo of herself, showing her seven-year progress since beating cancer.

Since beating cancer, Linn has made it her mission to continue transforming her body through diet and exercise and share her journey and tips with her fans and followers.

Linn shares what she eats on a typical day

To maintain her muscle tone, Linn begins her day with a whey protein shake. After getting in a workout, she likes to make oatmeal and eggs. For snacks and lunch, Linn munches on things such as cottage cheese, protein cookies, rice cakes with avocado, fruit salad, protein pancakes, or oatmeal.

Salmon is one of her go-to’s for dinner, which she likes to flavor with soy sauce and pesto and top with lemon before baking. Linn whips up a chickpea side dish with broth and radishes and adds some tomatoes to top off her meal.

Some other dinner option favorites of Linn’s are chicken salad, fish tacos, and bean patties with sweet potatoes. And when she’s craving something sweet, Linn opts for something healthy like chocolate protein cream topped with fresh fruit.

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