Linn Lowes channels her inner Baywatch babe to promote her brand

Linn Lowes IG Reel April 2022
Linn flashes her brilliant smile to talk about balancing her training and nutrition. Pic credit: @linnlowes/Instagram

Swedish beauty Linn Lowes wowed her fans as she modeled a bikini from her brand and showed off her incredible physique.

Linn’s enviable frame is the result of hard work and dedication.

As the founder of Stacci Athletics, who better than Linn herself to represent her brand as a model with that physique?

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Linn posed in a beautiful bikini from Stacci Athletics.

The curvy blonde struck a stunning pose in front of a beige backdrop. Her long hair flowed down her shoulders as she gazed to the side with a contemplative expression on her face.

Linn’s bronzed skin was glowing in the photograph, accentuating every curve.

Modeling the Rouched Booty Bottom – Baywatch bikini bottom and Wrapped In Braids Top by Stacci Athletics, Linn’s jaw-dropping figure was the star of the show in the photograph.

Linn’s bikini top featured a braided detail under the bustline and high-waisted bottoms with a gold logo. She modeled the suit in a gorgeous Bare Blossom color.

The accompanying caption for Linn’s post read, “@stacciathletics ??.”

Linn Lowes founded Stacci Athletics after she beat cancer

Stacci Athletics doesn’t only offer swimwear; the brand also features women’s casual and athletic gear, such as leggings, sports bras, and t-shirts. Linn defines her collection as “Edgy activewear with the softest touch.”

On her website, Linn explains how she came up with the name Stacci: “The name Stacci is short for Anastacia, which in Greek has a meaning of resurrection. It means coming back to LIFE.”

Linn knows a thing or two about coming back to life — she is a cancer survivor. When she was just 26 years old, Linn was diagnosed with lymphoma, which attacks the lymphatic system.

Linn underwent chemotherapy and radiation and had to put the gym on hold while her body healed. She eventually beat cancer, however, and came back stronger than ever.

Linn is also the founder of the Athli App

In addition to being the owner of a fashion line, Linn, 35, is also the founder of the Athli App. Athli provides customized workout and nutrition plans to its clients.

Linn shares some of her comeback story on her Athli website. Linn explains that after losing a lot of weight due to cancer, she was determined to come back stronger than ever. She became a certified personal trainer and nutritional consultant in an effort to help others achieve their goals.

“I’ve always loved sharing my passion for an active and healthy lifestyle with others and therefore I decided to get my Personal Trainer License and I also took diet classes to be able to consult in Nutrition,” Linn says. “After this I started my business by helping others take control of their life, health and happiness.”

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