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Lindsey Vonn gets ‘excited’ in glitter bikini

Lindsey Vonn close up
Lindsey Vonn smiles close up. Pic credit: ©

Olympian Lindsey Vonn is “seriously excited” as she eyes up Formula 1 in a bikini. The former skier thrilled her 2 million+ Instagram followers while in a textured gold bikini look in her pre-weekend share, showing off glam and the high life by the water while flaunting her fabulous figure.

Tagging herself in Miami, FL, the ex to Tiger Woods sizzled in shades as she rocked a dressed-up swim look, and fans have left her over 80,000 Likes.

Lindsey Vonn wows in gold bikini

Vonn, 37, was prepping for the maiden Miami Grand Prix, matching the glitz and glam of the event to her snazzy two-piece. The muscle machine of a body was on show as Lindsey posed by a wooden outdoor table adorned with drinks – fans also saw bobbing harbor boats in the background.

Opting for understated jazziness, the blonde showed off a strapless and deep gold bikini, tight enough to show her every curve, although she covered up a little via a light tan jacket worn open and loose. She posed with her arms folded and brandishing a flashy gold watch.

Taking to her caption, the best-selling author wrote:

“Seriously excited for this week… a lot of hard work but the reward at the end is a weekend of Formula 1! Cannot wait!! @f1.”

The background drinks may have seemed casual, but there might have been an agenda, with Lindsey’s boyfriend Diego Osorio’s Lobos 1707 Tequila line seen in the photos. Lindsey had, however, kept it way more casual in bikini snaps shared seven days ago; here, the alpine star posed sunbathing in a strappy yellow bikini and from a pool-view terrace while spending chill time with her dog. “Change of scenery,” she’d written, tagging herself in Miami Beach.

Lindsey Vonn had Formula 1 dreams

Lindsey has a particular fondness for F1, even having herself once dreamed of competing.

“I drove in Spielberg in Austria on a Formula 1 track,” she’s said, per “Another time, on the autobahn we went 130 (mph). I was with Maria Hofl-Reisch driving her (Audi) R8.  There’s a good stretch south of Munich where there’s no speed limit and she was like, ‘Come on Lindsey you’re not going very fast’. Of course I then had to show her what was up!”

Vonn added: “I was thinking about switching to Formula One and trying to be a driver, but I couldn’t because they wanted me to fully commit to three years and they were like, ‘You can’t get pregnant and you can’t do anything’, and I’m like, ‘I don’t know if I really want to do that.'”

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