Lindsay Lohan stuns to spread holiday cheer

Lindsay Lohan strapped on her Santa attire for an unlikely combination and a Pepsi promotion. Pic credit: @lindsaylohan/Instagram

As the holiday season arrived, Lindsay Lohan looked like she was getting into the holiday spirit with the help of Pepsi in a sultry red ensemble.

The iconic actress recently posted a video of herself dressed as a sexy Mrs. Clause, promoting a new drink called Pilk.

Although Pilk–a combination of Pepsi and milk– was likely a publicity stunt, the creation made people talk, seemingly achieving its goal.

Lindsay first revealed her Pepsi holiday season partnership earlier this month with an interesting video that showed her pouring Pepsi and milk into a glass.

Lindsay’s latest share finally revealed if she liked the unusual taste combination.

Lindsay made the revelation in a video that appeared jointly on Pepsi’s Instagram and her account.

Lindsay Lohan promotes Pepsi in pajamas

The video showed Lindsay smiling while sitting on set as people around her prepared the shot for the holiday commercial. Assistants scurried around, placing the final touches on the set, adding a plate full of chocolate chip cookies, and perfecting the Pepsi product placement.

Lindsay rocked a Santa hat and plaid pajamas as she sipped a glass of milk and Pepsi while holding a can of the sponsor in her other.

The Mean Girls actress smiled as hair and makeup put the finishing touches on her look.

Lindsay rocked a long-sleeve red shirt with fur on the bodice, resembling a sexy version of Mrs. Clause. She crossed her legs while sitting on a couch in front of a Christmas tree as she filmed the Pepsi commercial.

Lindsay smiled while pouring milk into her Pepsi before having a taste. She grabbed a straw, took a sip, and candidly stated, “It’s actually pretty good,” with a laugh as she referenced the concoction.

Although Lindsay has made her career as an actress, her reaction appeared genuine.

The caption accompanying the video read, “It’s time to settle the debate. Does @lindsaylohan actually like #PilkandCookies? Check out her very first sip and you tell us.”

Lindsay Lohan teams up with Pepsi

As part of her comeback, which included a new Netflix movie, Falling For Christmas, Lindsay secured a new brand deal with Pepsi. Lindsay welcomed December with a new holiday campaign that quickly went viral.

The Pepsi and Lindsay collaboration went viral because Lindsay looked amazing but also because the unusual drink turned heads.

Whether or not the combination was a serious recipe, it was an excellent way for Pepsi to promote its products.

With the latest Pepsi behind-the-scenes video, fans now know that Lindsay enjoyed the Pepsi and milk combination.

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