Lindsay Lohan shows off incredible looks to celebrate latest accomplishment

Lindsay Lohan poses on the red carpet.
Lindsay Lohan sizzled as she showed some sensual attire for her latest announcement. Pic credit: ©

Lindsay Lohan continues to prove that she has recemented herself as one of Hollywood’s darlings as she keeps taking her acting to new levels.

The redheaded stunner, who dominated screens everywhere in the ’90s and early 2000s, has appeared to be enjoying riding her newfound fame wave following the release of her film Falling for Christmas, her first flick in several years.

The Freaky Friday and Mean Girls star has now heightened her star status by announcing some exciting news while looking stunning in some sensual attire.

“I’m excited to share my Interview Magazine Cover, Welcome to ‘MIAMI,’ a limited edition storybook presented by Interview and [Ami Paris],” she captioned her series to relay to fans that they could expect big things in the near future from the star.

Posting to her social media site, Lindsay likely got scrollers everywhere taking a pause as she sizzled with her signature-strawberry locks down and vibrant red lipstick on her pout.

Looking as flawless as ever, Lindsay rocked an off-the-shoulder blouse and snakeskin pants in her first snap, a gas pump gripped in both hands, and a red convertible car parked just behind her.

Lindsay’s second snap showed off her fun side, with the actress rocking bubblegum-pink slacks and a black-and-white polka dot top with a choker collar and no sleeves.

A matching pink pea coat was flung over one shoulder, and a pink handbag was clasped in between her manicured fingers as the beauty posed in front of a bright yellow mansion, the same red convertible sitting behind her packed full of beach supplies.

Lindsay Lohan sizzles in sheer tops and lingerie

Next, Lindsay took her beauty to the pool, leaning back on a deck chair while going full glam in a racy top.

Seen resting one gloved hand against her forehead for a Marilyn Monroe vibe, Lindsay tore up the screen in a sheer, lacy black top with a choker collar, showing off her flawless, freckled skin.

A hint of her ribcage “Clear as a crystal sharp as a knife I feel like I’m in the prime of my life” tattoo could just be made out under the side of the garment.

Dark shades covered her eyes and pinstripe slacks adorned her legs, which remained mostly out of view.

Lindsay continued to bring the heat with the next pic as the star took her fashion to the sandy shores of a nearby beach.

Sitting back in a crinkled, chintzy-looking folding chair, Lindsay made the worn-down furniture fade from view as she wowed in a flirty, silken lingerie top and super sheer tights.

An oversized, purple fur coat kept her midsection covered up while the open top and spreading bottom allowed her outfit to shine through.

Lindsay gave a huge smile at the lens as she held up an electric fan near her face, her lean legs crossed to let her snakeskin heels show up at the bottom of the screen.

Moving away from the comedic side of things, the next photo gave a close-up of Lindsay’s upper half. The actress was wrapped in a purple fur coat and gazed off into the distance for a side-view of her gorgeous features.

Her final two snaps showed Lindsay first in a flowy, orange silk blouse that was made complete with an orange overcoat, orange-rimmed shades, and a white-and-orange striped towel twisted around her hair.

The last shot let fans see her bright side, with the actress seemingly laughing as she reached over to adjust her hot-pink coat sleeve with black-gloved hands.

A pink dress capped off at her thighs and sheer black tights decorated her legs.

The former child star is clearly making her way quickly back to the top of Hollywood’s A-listers, and the actress has firmed up her status as the comeback girl with her latest career move.

Lindsay Lohan cements deal with Netflix

Lindsay has been riding her high since her movie Falling for Christmas hit theaters on November 9, and the actress assured fans this won’t be the last they will see of her.

The star inked a deal with Netflix, committing to not only making her Christmas flick but also to star in another movie to be released sometime next year.

The film, entitled Irish Wish, will see Lindsay get back in touch with her comedic roots, having previously gotten audiences giggling over her Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap roles.

In her second installment with Netflix and producer Michael Damian and his wife, director Janeen Damian, Lindsay will undoubtedly fully regain her footing in the acting industry.

The star opened up to Forbes about her latest career move, telling the magazine that she is excited to explore genres other than romantic comedies.

“I think I’m always the kind of person that I see what comes and take it as it comes, wherever the scripts lead me,” she said.

“I love doing ‘rom-coms’ so that’s always something that I’m going to look for and do a ton of when the time is right, but there’s definitely other[s]… I’ve never done an action film,” she continued.

Lindsay finished her interview with a huge shout-out to her loyal fans, thanking them for their undying support as she finds her way back onto the silver screen.

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