Lindsay Lohan opens up about how she takes care of her mental health

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan at the launch of the Magnum Pleasure Store in 2015. Pic credit: ©

Lindsay Lohan has opened up about how she takes care of her mental and physical health.

In a new interview, the actress was asked how she takes care of her mental health.

“I meditate daily. Once a day I take 10 to 15 minutes and I do some breathing work paired with some spiritual prayers. It gives me time to focus. I will actually go into the bathroom to meditate. I turn on the shower and leave it running while I do it. It may sound weird, but the sound of the water calms me—it’s cozy and feels like no one can bother you,” Lindsay shared with Health.

Lohan also spoke about the importance of fitness and how working out contributes to positive mental health: “When you workout, you’re also getting endorphins that make you feel good, you sleep better and you don’t seem to stress out as much. I also like the idea that when you work out, you’re taking time for yourself. It’s self-care.”

She spoke about her specific workout routine: “I work out three or four days a week. I’m not an outdoor runner, but I love the treadmill. I’ll just put my headphones on, put the treadmill on an incline, and alternate between speed walking, jogging, and sprinting.”

Lindsay Lohan’s new SuperBowl commercial

It seems as though Lohan is making a comeback and it proves just how seriously she’s taking her health and wellbeing.  

She will be appearing in a hilarious new ad for Planet Fitness, which will air during this year’s Super Bowl.

The ad pokes fun at Lohan’s checkered past. It poses the question, “What’s gotten into Lindsay?”

Narrated by William Shatner, the ad follows Lohan as she appears on Jeopardy! and as she trades in her DUIs for DIYS—making a bedazzled ankle bracelet. It also sees paparazzi crying over the fact that Lohan is no longer making appearances at nightclubs, but rather sleeping peacefully in her bed and heading to the gym.

The ad will air on Sunday, February 13.

Lindsay Lohan’s future projects

Lohan’s future will include a new Netflix Christmas movie, called Falling for Christmas.

The star’s future also contains a wedding.

Last November, she revealed that she is engaged to Bader Shammas, whom she’s dated since 2019.

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