Lindsay Lohan joined TikTok and immediately showed people how to pronounce her last name

Selfie of Lindsay Lohan on her Instagram
Lindsay Lohan has joined TikTok and showed followers how to accurately say her last name. Pic credit: @lindsaylohan/Instagram

Lindsay Lohan has officially joined the TikTok family and came in with a subtle, yet strong post in regards to her last name.

The video, although only a few seconds long, has caused quite a stir among her followers already.

Lindsay introduced herself and showed the correct pronunciation of her last name

The signature red-haired icon of the ’90s posted her first video on February 7th with the caption, “I’m on TikTok Now!”

Although a seemingly simple first video on the platform, she said her last name differently than many of her fans thought it was pronounced.

In the video, The Parent Trap star said, “Hey everyone, it’s Lindsay Lohan, and guess what – now I’m on TikTok!”

According to the way Lindsay said it, it is in fact not (phonetically) “low-han,” it’s “low-en.”

Fans shocked over pronunciation of Lindsay’s last name

Although the Mean Girls star has always pronounced her name the same way, it has commonly been mispronounced since she started in the business at a young age.

Followers of the new TikTok user commented on Lindsay’s video to show their shock at the way she said her last name. User @katiercat said, “Wait. Lindsey ‘LOWEN’?!? IVE BEEN SAYING IT WRONG MY WHOLE LIFE?!?”

Katie's comment on Lindsay's TikTok
Pic credit: @lindsaylohan/TikTok

Another user commented in disbelief. “Lindsey Lowen?? You mean Lindsey LOW-HAN?”

Comment correcting the pronunciation of Lindsay's name
Pic credit: @lindsaylohan/TikTok

Some even chimed in to ask the actress why she never corrected fans for such a long time. @notjkentrn wrote, “You look amazing!! Also why didn’t you correct our mispronunciation of your last name for the last 20 years ?”

Funny comment on Lohan's TikTok
Pic credit: @lindsaylohan/TikTok

Followers are in such disbelief that they even comedically told the actress she was pronouncing her own name wrong.

Comment saying Lohan pronounced her own name wrong
Pic credit: @lindsaylohan/TikTok

People have also taken to Twitter to share their shock over the pronunciation of “Lohan.” One user wrote, “Finding out the world has been pronouncing Lindsay Lohan’s name wrong this entire time…”

Lohan explained the pronunciation on The Ellen Show in 2004

A Twitter user reminded the internet of an interview between Lindsay and Ellen Degeneres on her talk show back in 2004, where she discussed the pronunciation of her name.

Lohan explained that she says “low-en,” while her family says “low-han.” She said that it sounded nicer that way and then joked that she was “rebelling against her family.”

Lohan also recalled a memory of her guy friends in school making “low hand” jokes – saying the phrase and putting their hand on the ground. Lohan would respond unamused – “it’s just ‘low-en.'”

However, in the end, Lohan said the pronunciation doesn’t really matter to her.

The Parent Trap star has continued posting since her first TikTok

Since her opening video, Lindsay has posted three more to her new TikTok account. The next two were clips of a partnership with Planet Fitness, and her latest video was of her lip-syncing a scene from her breakout role in the 1998 hit film, The Parent Trap.

In The Parent Trap, where Lindsay doubled as twin sisters with parents split amongst different countries, she spoke the well-remembered line, “Yes, you want to know the difference between us? I have class and you don’t.”

She captioned the TikTok, “you heard it here first.”

Fans sure did, Lindsay. And they also apparently heard the correct pronunciation of her last name there first as well.

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