Lindsay Lohan in red two-piece spreads holiday joy

Lindsay Lohan gives sexy Santa vibes in red two-piece
Lindsay Lohan is returning to her Jingle Bell Rock era with a Pepsi promotion sure to spark conversation. Pic credit: ©

Although Mean Girls came out more than 15 years ago, Lindsay Lohan showed she had no problem dusting off her Jingle Bell Rock ensemble to spread holiday cheer.

Lindsay has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity since she released her Netflix holiday movie, Falling For Christmas.

The actress teamed up with stylist Law Roach to serve looks during promotional appearances for her latest acting role on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America. Lindsay also graced the cover of Cosmopolitan, as the actress is truly everywhere.

Now Lindsay has a sweet deal with Pepsi, and she is capitalizing off her 11.8 million Instagram followers by sharing her latest advertisement for the beverage company.

As part of the Pepsi deal, Lindsay did an advertisement in a red two-piece while offering a drink that is certain to cause opinions.

Today, Lindsay shared a video where she poured milk into her glass of Pepsi as she gave her best Mrs. Clause impression.

The video began with Lindsay seated in a living room decked with Christmas decorations. Behind Lindsay, there were candles, holiday lights, wreaths, with a Christmas tree and stockings, all in the room.

Lindsay Lohan in Santa gear promotes Pepsi

Lindsay wore a modern take on a Mrs. Clause with a red long-sleeve shirt featuring furry white cuffs with the same material around her Santa hat. Lindsay rocked her signature red tresses, which cascaded from underneath her hat.

She donned a matching red velvet skirt and sat with her legs crossed while she poured Pepsi into a glass. As the soda fizzed audibly, Lindsay exclaimed, “nice,” before adding a bit of milk into the Pepsi glass. After adding the milk, she said, “Ooh, naughty!”

Lindsay pondered the Pepsi and milk combination before adding a straw and calling the concoction “Pilk.”

It was unclear if the drink was a serious suggestion or just viral campaigning, but the advertising seemed to serve its purpose.

Lindsay’s caption read, “Feeling nice…or naughty? @Pepsi, let’s make #PilkandCookies happen ? + ?+ ? #PepsiPartner.”

Lindsay Lohan comes home for the holidays

Although Lindsay moved to Dubai a few years ago, her latest film allowed her to return to her native New York.

She spoke with Cosmopolitan about her return home and her favorite things to do in the Big Apple.

Lindsay explained, “The first thing I like to do is see my niece because she’s the cutest thing ever. I always spend time with family. I go to a few specific restaurants, like CarboneBlue Ribbon Sushi. Visit Central Park.”

Lindsay added that she always has work to do when returning to New York.

Lindsay Lohan on a New York street
Lindsay Lohan is back in New York following her move to Dubai Pic credit: ©

During the interview, Lindsay also gave her thoughts on the rise of social media. She noted that when she first started her career, there was no social media and, therefore, often no way for celebrities to control their narrative.

She explained, “There were paparazzi pictures, and then people ran with it. So I think it’s really good that in this day and age, people can say who they are and who they want to be,” but she also thinks there may be a bit too much social media.

Lindsay Lohan channels Freaky Friday for The Tonight Show

Lindsay made a fun backstage video while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The clip shows her backing into a changing room in a stunning thigh-skimming black dress.

We then hear Jamie-Lee Curtis’s character from Freaky Friday shouting, “Anna, hurry up!” before Lindsay emerges in a gorgeous figure-hugging long red gown and says, teenager-style, “What! I’m ready!”

Lindsay has really been bringing her stylish looks to the masses in recent times. An appearance on Good Morning America allowed her to show off her range when she donned an incredible color block pantsuit.

Lindsay looked ace in the unusual but colorful suit with a matching turtleneck and purple platform shoes as she lounged on a sofa backstage.

She rocked the looked with her hair in a sleek bun and some hoop earrings.

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