Lindsay Lohan graces another magazine cover for comeback

lindsay lohan curves cover
Lindsay Lohan earned her second magazine cover this month as the talented actress has returned to the spotlight for a comeback tour. Pic credit: ©

Lindsay Lohan has come back with a bang as the actress continues to do a few of the things she loved the most: acting and serving looks.

The former Disney star took some time away from the spotlight after she moved to Dubai and got married.

But Lindsay’s retreat from the limelight has ended as the gorgeous actress released her first film in years, Falling For Christmas.

Lindsay’s latest film, released on Netflix, was the first of two films after she signed a deal with the streaming giant. As part of the big release, Lindsay has fulfilled her promotional obligations by doing interviews and appearances to draw attention to her work.

One of Lindsay’s latest photoshoots was for Who What Wear, a fashion publication dedicated to bringing the latest styles to the masses.

In a video shared jointly with Lindsay’s Instagram and an account for the brand, Lindsay got dolled up to pose in front of some fancy finger foods like macarons and less chic items like red and green jelly.

Lindsay Lohan is chic and celebrating the holidays

The video began with Lindsay seated at a table in a glamorous white gown with feathers covering the sleeves.

As the clip continued, Lindsay made her way to a Christmas tree that was completely pink with sparkles and ornaments in the shade. Lindsay was also dressed in pink, with a magnificent fur coat, as she touched a decoration.

Later, Lindsay descended the stairs holding onto a railing that was festive with pine trees and snowflakes decorating the beams. Lindsay’s final outfit was all-black and elegant, with a diamond necklace adding a beautiful touch.

Lindsay’s signature red tresses were parted to the side in a straight and sleek style.

As Lindsay promoted her Netflix release, she already finished filming another movie with the same streaming service.

Lindsay Lohan’s Netflix deal and new movie

Lindsay recently filmed the second of two films which were part of her Netflix deal, announced last year.

The second film, Irish Wish, also has well-known names, like Ayesha Curry and Jane Seymour.

Lindsay shared a bit of insight into her latest acting gig during an interview with Who What Wear. Lindsay said about Irish Wish, “It’s a bigger movie in a sense. It’s a lot more physical comedy. I get to really go deep.”

She continued, “It was nice for me to be able to go there because I had to get my feet wet and do Falling for Christmas, and I really wanted to push it more for this one. The one thing that I haven’t done that I’d really love to do is enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s my dream.”

As Lindsay dropped a hint about her interest in appearing in a Marvel film, time will tell if her wish becomes a reality.

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