Lindsay Lohan, Alicia Silverstone and Jonathan Bennett celebrate ‘Mean Girls’ Day

Screenshot of Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls.
Lindsay Lohan posted a throwback to her Mean Girls role. Pic credit: Paramount Pictures

October 3rd has been unceremoniously dubbed Mean Girls Day for years. The 2004 teen comedy by Mark Walters and Tina Fey has a huge cult following and found itself being adapted in many forms.

Original scriptwriter Fey turned the movie into a musical, along with her husband Jeff Richmond. It survived almost two years on Broadway before being shut down in March 2020 due to the COVID-10 pandemic. It saw the likes of many notorious names from the theater scene such as Barrett Wilbert Weed, Taylor Louderman, and Kerry Butler. It even had a short stint where YouTuber Cameron Dallas filled in for a lead.

The movie also spun off a poorly-received made-for-television sequel, featuring the original actor Tim Meadows reprising his role as Principal Duvall.

Mean Girls has also made a significant impact on popular culture as its gifs, quotes, and iconography has been repurposed by other movies, celebrities, and public figures.

Why is October 3 Mean Girls Day?

The date October 3rd was chosen as Mean Girls Day due to a slight comment made by the main character in a montage. The character Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) is asked “What day is it?” by her crush, Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett). She responds, “It’s October 3rd.”

Seconds prior to the scene, Lohan can be heard in a voiceover saying, “On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.” Meaning the iconic date was mentioned twice in the comedy, successfully cementing the day in the minds of its followers.

The special day often gains huge recognition from fans and celebrities, and oftentimes leads to some fun moments with the movie’s original cast.

What did Lindsay Lohan say?

Things aren’t different this year! The celebration of Mean Girls Day is in full swing with posts from the movie’s cast, other famous actors, and the Mean Girls on Broadway Instagram account. Many members of the Mean Girls cast have gone on to have highly successful careers; there’s Amy Poehler and Tina Fey who have been comedy staples for decades, and actor Rachel McAdams who has made her name in the rom-com genre and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Then there’s the main love interests, Lindsey Lohan and Jonathan Bennett. Lohan has had a rocky career but has established herself as a household name, making her big break in the 1998 movie The Parent Trap, and then starring in many early-2000s staples like Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Freaky Friday. Most recently, she starred in the British comedy series Sick Note, alongside Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint.

Bennett has also continued his career, publishing a Mean Girls-themed cookbook and hosting a series of Food Network television competitions.

Lohan and Bennett both called out Means Girls Day on social media, sharing their tributes on Instagram. Lohan posted a picture of the iconic scene, writing, “It’s October 3rd,” with a handful of cute emojis.

Bennett commented on the image, quoting his character’s line: “What day is it?”

Screenshot of Jonathan Bennett's comment.
Pic credit: @jonathandbennett/Instagram

While Clueless star Alicia Silverstone isn’t in Mean Girls, even she had something to say. The actor has been dazzling on social media, whipping up trendy TikToks and Instagram posts.

To celebrate Mean Girls Day, Silverstone made a video edit joking that her Clueless character Cher Horowitz was driving the school bus that hit Regina George.

These posts have given fans an endless amount of joy. With another victorious Mean Girls Day down the hatchet, who knows what will come next year. Maybe the creators will finally answer all of the sequel rumors that have been floating around.

Mean Girls is currently streaming on Paramount Plus.

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