Lily-Rose Depp leans forward braless in thigh-skimming miniskirt

Lily-Rose Depp
Lily-Rose Depp is rocking a braless look in a skintight outfit. Pic credit: © Vincent/Landmark Media

Actress Lily-Rose Depp has been busy making a name for herself as she focuses on her career rather than her father, Johnny Depp’s legal issues.

She has been in several films before, such as Tusk, The King, and Wolf, but Lily-Rose is also fresh from one of her biggest roles yet.

Lily-Rose was cast as the main character Jocelyn in The Idol and was able to work with big names like The Weeknd and Troye Sivan.

While she’s making a professional name for herself and maintaining her status as a model and actress, she’s becoming a bit of a style icon as well.

Though she rarely makes permanent posts on her Instagram account, her followers were treated to a selfie earlier this week on her Instagram Stories.

A lookalike of her mother, Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose was stunning in a tiny skirt and rocked her braless look in a tight shirt.

Lily-Rose Depp stuns braless in tiny skirt

Lily-Rose shared a classic pout with her 6.7 million followers as she leaned forward for her mirror selfie.

She had her hair tied back with a red scrunchie and appeared to be makeup free for the shot.

She wore a tight tank top, opting to leave the bra out of her outfit, and completed the look with a dark blue miniskirt.

Lily-Rose Depp's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @lilyrose_depp/Instagram

While dad Johnny is making headlines for dating a member of his legal counsel, Lily-Rose seems to be staying quiet regarding both her personal life and her dad’s.

However, she did open up about some of the struggles she faced during the lockdown stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lily-Rose Depp discusses height of career during COVID-19

Around the same time that Lily-Rose was supposed to be filming for the movie Wolf, the entire world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though she wasn’t sure if she would ever get back into her career, she did make it to the film, though not without some struggles.

She told Wonderland magazine that she was worried her preparation for the film would have been for nothing. “I will have just spent months crawling around like a cat in my apartment scaring my family for nothing,” she noted.

However, not all things were bad.

She revealed, “I honestly think even just the claustrophobia of those months being stuck inside and not knowing, you know, when we were going to be allowed out, and the outside world becoming this kind of weird phenomenon informed me a lot about how my character felt about her situation.”

For her role in the film, the events in the real world around her helped her prepare for the role as she was able t draw many comparisons between real life and the characters in the film.

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