Lili Reinhart stuns in sheer sparkly dress for Número Netherlands

Lili Reinhart smiles for the camera
Lili Reinhart looks beautiful for The Art Of Elysium’s 11th Annual Black Tie Artistic Experience. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

The Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart doesn’t seem to stop.

Lili is back to her fashionable and sophisticated self by posing for a stunning photoshoot.

The 26-year-old star teamed up with Número Netherlands magazine to totally rock a series of weird and wonderful outfits.

Not long ago, singer Madison Beer was part of an issue for this magazine.

But Lili’s photoshoot took a much different approach. In one pic, she looked particularly striking in a white button-up shirt with the collar up. Her hair was slicked to the back in wavy patterns and her black lips and freckles were the center of attention.

This dark lipstick was definitely a move to make her beautiful eyes pop more with the contrast of the maroon background.

The official website’s Instagram account shared a couple of the pictures from this shoot.

Lili Reinhart shows off her figure in a sheer Bronx and Banco dress

In another photo, Lili can be seen wearing a plunging black sheer sparkly dress from the brand Bronx and Banco with a black top and bottom underneath. Her figure looked incredible in this piece of clothing.

The actress also wore other incredible outfits by Max Mara, Prada, and Moon Chang.

Lili has been giving people so much to talk about. She recently teamed up with her fellow Riverdale co-stars, Madelaine Petsch and Camila Mendes, for a spooky trio of costumes.

The three of them dressed up as the witches from Hocus Pokus for Halloween and they absolutely nailed it.

Lili Reinhart talks about her latest Netflix movie Look Both Ways

The 26-year-old has done a lot more things besides Riverdale. She recently premiered her latest movie, Look Both Ways on Netflix.

She plays a girl named Natalie, who upon finishing up at college, finds her life diverging into two parallel realities; one where she becomes pregnant, and one where she doesn’t. The movie examines what would happen to each version of them depending on one night when she takes a pregnancy test.

When Lili spoke to Número Netherlands, she was asked about her experience portraying this character, to which she said, “It was very satisfying to me, as someone who obviously can’t see what any of my parallel lives look like, to be able to portray that in a film and show the way that Natalie’s life would’ve ended up in two different scenarios. It was incredibly fun, I had the best time filming.”

Look Both Ways is now out on Netflix.

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