Lili Reinhart in skimpy swimwear sweetly sips drink

lili reinhart
Lili Reinhart is lounging under the sun with a fruity drink in hand. Pic credit: ©

Lili Reinhart looked gorgeous as she lived in the lap of luxury rocking and floral swimsuit.

The actress, who turned 26 years old last month, became a well-known name after she appeared as Betty Cooper on the hit show CW show Riverdale. 

She treated her 28.6 million Instagram followers to an update on her vacation, which has been par for the course with the actress.

Lili has been documenting her time in Mexico, where she has stayed at the Garza Blanca Hotel in Cancun.

An earlier adventure saw the actress playing around on a merry-go-round and appearing to have a good time.

However, Lili planted herself on a lounge chair for a picture perfect moment, shared with friends.

Lili Reinhart looks gorgeous in Mexico rocking bikini

She sat on a beach chair from the hotel pool with a fruity beverage in hand. Lili cocked her head and smiled as she posed with the straw in her mouth. Lili sported a colorful one-piece with cutouts on each side. The swimsuit featured bright flowers in different shapes and sizes, creating a gorgeous garment. 

Behind Lili, there was a multi-story hotel, blue skies, and fluffy clouds. Closer to Lili, there were exotic trees and lush greenery, adding to the tropical feel of the vacation photos. The actress rocked soaking wet hair, which cascaded down her back as she likely just returned from the pool for a different type of refreshment.

Lili reinhart bikini
Pic credit: @lilireinhart/Instagram

She crossed her legs and sat straight with the umbrella from her chair tied up but sunglasses on her face to protect her eyes from UV rays.

Lili Reinhart answers fans’ questions

Lili appeared on the popular WIRED show, where well-known people answer commonly asked questions found on Google.

The playful segment allows the subject to answer fans’ questions and also clears up popular misconceptions.

The segment can also be amusing, as some questions are bizarre. One fan asked, “Does Lili Reinhart have tattoos?”

Lili responded that she did before she counted them off and revealed that she had six with many more on the way. Another question asked, “Who did Lili Reinhart voice in The Simpsons?”

Lili revealed that she voiced Bella Ella and said it was a “dream” for her dad. She explained that while she didn’t understand the humor as a child, she enjoyed the show because it amused her father.

The video was full of interesting information from Lili’s perspective; check it out above.

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