Lil Durk’s brother DThang shot dead in Harvey, south of Chicago

Lil Durk brother shot
Dontay Banks (OTF DThang), Lil Durk’s brother, who was shot dead last night. Pic credit: @DThang/Instagram

Lil Durk’s brother, Dontay Banks Jr., better known as OTF DThang, was shot dead last night south of the city of Chicago.

Rapper Calboy and Hip Hop producer Murda On Tha Beats confirmed his death on social media.

DThang was reportedly shot outside Club O – a nightclub in Harvey, Illinois, south of Chicago.

At least three sources have independently confirmed this is where the shooting occurred.

Dontay Banks, Jr. was Lil Durk’s younger brother and a hip-hop artist performing under the name OTF D Thang.

Several associates and family members of Lil Durk have been murdered, including his cousin OTF Nunu, King Von, and manager OTF Chino.

Lil Durk was close to his deceased brother and the pair recently attended several events together promoting Lil Durk and Lil Baby’s new album Voice of Heroes, which was released earlier this week.

“We came a long way from Granny crib,” OTF DThang wrote last month as he posed alongside his brother, Durk.

“Love you fr [for real],” Durk responded.

Banks also recently attended Lil Durk’s album release party, with both photographed at the event wearing tuxedos.

Lil Durk denies dissing FBG Duck and Quando Rondo in leaked song

Before the release of Lil Durk and Lil Baby’s joint album, The Voice of the Heroes, a verse for Still Running featuring Meek Mill and Lil Baby was leaked.

Social media alleged that Durk “dissed” rivals Quando Rondo and FBG Duck with his lyrics as fans feared escalating tension.

Lil Durk allegedly dissed deceased rival FBG Duck with the lyric, “That n***a was f***ed, the moment he ran, he knew he ain’t ducking, his ass out of luck.”

In his recent solo effort, The Voice, the Chicago rapper took a more direct jab at his rival.

“I told my PO through the gate that I get high as f**k/She ask me how high do I get, I told her high as Duck!”

FBG Duck was a Chicago rapper shot dead at 26 in August 2020, a few months after he released a record mocking his deceased rivals.

Durk also allegedly issued a threat to Quando Rondo in the same song with the lyric, “That Rolls better be bulletproof, lil n***a, you know we gon’ shoot at them stars.”

It is speculated that Durk was referring to Quando’s interview with radio personality and co-host of Breakfast Club Power on 105.1 FM Angela Yee, which took place in a Rolls-Royce.

Lil Durk’s associate and close friend King Von was shot dead after an altercation with Quando Rondo in November 2020.

Dontay Banks, Jr is survived by his six-year-old daughter and had a young son.

There is no suggestion Quando Rondo was involved in the latest shooting.

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