Lezhae Lowder arrested: Fetty Wap’s baby mama accused of pulling knife after altercation with Alexis Skyy

Lezhae Lowder headshot from interview with DJ Smallz
Lezhae Lowder confronted Alexis Skyy and was arrested. Pic credit: DJ Smallz/YouTube

Fetty Wap is no stranger to baby mama drama and right now, he’s got a lot of it after the mother of two of his children, Lezhae Lowder, is accused of attacking Alexis Skyy in New Jersey on Thursday night and then continuing to seek out the Love & Hip Hop star in order to continue the fight.

Lezhae was arrested after police were called to break up a fight in the parking lot of a Patterson, New Jersey, White Castle restaurant according to TMZ.

The drama started that same night when Alexis Skyy showed up at a bar where Lezhae reportedly works. According to multiple reports, Lezhae tried to attack Alexis while she was inside the bar before the two women were separated and the fight was broken up.

While it seemed that the drama might end there, it did not. Lezhae reportedly threw a bottle at Alexis’ vehicle as she was trying to leave the bar.

Later that night, Lezhae Lowder is said to have shown up at a White Castle restaurant not far from where she works and where Alexis Skyy’s friends were eating.

Lezhae allegedly pulled up, demanding to know where Alexis was. She was not present at the time and is said to have went home after the drama in the bar.

Around 3:20 a.m., police were called to break up a fight in the White Castle parking lot.

According to the report, after being confronted by Lezhae, Alexis’ friends were trying to leave the parking lot when Lezhae allegedly started throwing bottles again before pulling out a knife, demanding to know where Alexis was.

Lezhae Lowder was arrested at the time. So far, there’s been no comment on the situation from Lezhae, Fetty Wap or Alexis Skyy unless a recent Instagram post by Alexis counts.


In it, she wrote, “Take notes luv.” It’s not clear if that message was directed at Lezhae or if it’s for Blac Chyna, whom she also has been feuding with recently.

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