LeToya Luckett pregnancy: When is her likely due date?

LeToya Luckett
LeToya Luckett is pregnant, but when is she due? Pic credit: @LeToya Luckett/Instagram

LeToya Luckett and her husband Tommicus Walker are expecting a baby girl. Even though LeToya shared the news of the pregnancy back in late June and the news of the baby girl in October, she hasn’t revealed a due date.

However, given the information she’s provided on Instagram, it’s possible to figure out, at least roughly, when it’s likely to be. LeToya announced the pregnancy on June 27, 2018, via a cute video that her stepdaughter Madison had helped her create.

It’s normal for people to share they are pregnant after 12 weeks, and it’s likely the announcement took place a little after that because the video includes ultrasound pictures — which are usually done in the 12th week of pregnancy.

If LeToya was 13 weeks on the day she announced the pregnancy, her due date using a pregnancy calculator would be on January 1, 2019. Since we don’t know her date for sure, this is only an educated guess based on her updates.

LeToya has revealed she is having a girl, sharing the news on Instagram on October 16, revealing that her and Tommicus’s unborn daughter was already becoming the light of their lives.

By that point, she was likely already nearing her 30th week of pregnancy. Mothers can usually learn the sex of the baby in the 20th week of pregnancy, which would have been in mid-August going by the timeline above.

However, there are various reasons why she perhaps didn’t reveal the sex of the baby in August, including that she just wanted to keep the news private. But it’s also possible that the ultrasound didn’t reveal what they were having at that point, as babies need to be positioned correctly to see the right organs during the 20-week scan.

It’s also important to note that a mother is technically at term during her 37th week of pregnancy, meaning she could give birth any day in week 37 and through to week 40. There’s also a chance she will go past her due date, resulting in a birth in week 41 or 42.

It was her stepdaughter, 6½-year-old Madison Walker, who helped LeToya share the news on Instagram. In the video, she reveals she knows a secret and then proceeds to sing a song, where she eventually reveals that her dad and stepmom are pregnant.

LeToya Luckett is one of the founding members of Destiny’s Child. She started the group with Beyonce, LaTavia Roberson, and Kelly Rowland.

She recently appeared on T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle, where she opened up about being booted from the group.

“Management made a decision,” she explained to Lil Wayne’s ex, Toya Wright, while filming the show. “There was nothing at the time that I could do about it. Did it hurt? Absolutely. Because we were friends. I went to school with these girls.”

“Beyoncé and LaTavia [Roberson] had been in the group the longest. Then LaTavia went to school. Met Kelly [Rowland]. And then Beyoncé showed up at my school one day as the new beautiful girl with this new beautiful voice. It was just so cool to experience something like that at such a young age. But that decision was made … we were sisters.”

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