Leticia Bufoni teams up with Red Bull for incredible Sky Grind footage

Leticia Bufoni teams up with Red Bull for epic stunt.
Leticia Bufoni teams up with red to perform an incredible stunt. Pic credit: @leticiabufoni/Instagram

Leticia Bufoni is back and better than ever as she takes her skillset to an incredible new height.

The Brazilian Olympian athlete made her dreams come true as she performed an epic trick in the same airplane from the Fast and Furious movie.

However, the 29-year-old pro didn’t just land an epic trick inside the infamous plane, she also incorporated a nice grind trick while exiting the plane.

Leticia teamed up with Red Bull for the performance, a stunt that she had been envisioning for a while and in a typical Leticia fashion, she made her vision come to life.

The Brazilian beauty shared the memorable moment with her 4.3 million Instagram followers where she uploaded a variety of small clips from the performance.

Leticia then announced that the full version of the plane stunt with Red Bull would be available for viewing on her YouTube channel.

Leticia Bufoni soars through the sky

In her most recent posts, Leticia has introduced her fans to one of her most exhilarating projects so far, which she named the Sky Grind.

The skateboarder took on some serious air as she performed the stunt while at an altitude of 9k feet.

Leticia geared up some classic black Nike gear as she showed off her toned physique while doing so.

She sported a low-cut Nike sports bra and styled it with matching black high-waisted athletic leggings.

To land the trick, she felt most comfortable with a pair of baby pink Vans as she added a bit of color to the black ensemble.

Leticia rocked her vibrant pink hair as it flowed in the wind behind her while she wore a Red Bull helmet for safety purposes.

She accessorized with a simple Nike necklace while her black-and-white sleeve of tattoos made an appearance for the Sky Grind footage.

The skateboarder also wore a full set of skydiving gear which was placed in her backpack behind her.

It goes without saying that fans were incredibly eager to see their favorite skateboarder land a trick mid-air while simultaneously free-falling out of a plane.

Leticia Bufoni teams up with Tiger Beer

In the midst of Leticia’s Sky Grind project, she also announced that she would be partnering with Tiger Beer.

In another recent post, she wrote, “It’s official, I’m now part of the @tigerbeerbr, team, the pure malt beer born on the streets of Singapore! ? I spent an entire day with the Tiger at the last leg of the @sls, in Rio de Janeiro, and this time as a fan. It’s been a while! Get connected because there are a lot of good things coming #BebaComModeração #TigerNoSLS advertising.”

The skateboarder was excited to announce them as her new partner and she expressed her excitement in a short video clip on her Instagram.

The Olympian wore a bright orange, long-sleeve body suit that hugged her body perfectly. She then styled the bodysuit with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts, a black Gucci belt, and a blue Red Bull cap.

Her bright pink hair added to the electrifying aesthetic as Leticia happily posed away while she held on tightly to the beer.

It goes without saying, Leticia is certainly a busy woman as she continues to showcase her many skills and fine talents.

With a highly active and exhilarating lifestyle like Leticia’s, it’s only a matter of time before her fans get to indulge in her next epic endeavor.

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