Leonie Hanne stuns in plunging green blazer

Leonie Hanne wears her blonde hair up in a bun.
Leonie Hanne shows off her eccentric eyeshadow. Pic credit: @leoniehanne/Instagram

Leoni Hanne handles business in London and Germany, globetrotting and showing the world just how amazing she can dress when she goes out.

The stunning model consistently dresses up in fabulous clothing that makes her look divine. Her fashion sense is unmatched based on some of her content.

Most recently, Leonie posed for a beautiful picture on her Instagram Story wearing an attractive blazer with matching pants.

The outfit, as a whole, looked professional enough to be worn in a business setting, such as an office meeting, but it also looked vibrant enough for a fun-filled date night or social outing.

Leonie not only knows how to put together the most fashionable pieces of clothing, but she also knows exactly how to accessorize each and every look she rocks.

Leonie’s bright green pantsuit was formfitting enough to show off her curves but loose enough to provide her with a bit of modesty. The blazer had long sleeves, slight shoulder pads, and a thick collar.

Leonie Hanne stuns in green

It had large buttons that she could’ve closed up, but instead, she left all of her buttons completely undone. Her high-waisted slacks came in a shade of green that matched the blazer perfectly.

Leonie Hanne poses on a balcony in a chic outfit.
Leonie Hanne stuns in a bright green suit. Pic credit: @leoniehanne/Instagram

She accessorized with several rings, a large gold chain necklace, and earrings with green jewels. She also wore a neon green purse with a long strap over one shoulder.

Her blonde hair was parted in the middle and slicked back into a tight bun. Due to the way the lighting hit her face, her pale blue eyes looked as if they were glowing as she stood on top of a balcony with an exquisite view.

Before posing for a photo in her latest fashionable outfit, she also shared a handful of pictures to promote a brand called Zalando, which she is currently linked to.

Leonie Hanne promotes Zalando

Zalando is a fashionable brand that sells streetwear and beauty products to interested customers. Their top-notch streetwear line is filled with hoodies, jackets, sneakers, watches, overalls, matching tracksuits, sunglasses, and more.

Their beauty line offers nail polish, lipstick, squeezable highlighter, chrome flake eyeshadow, concealer, self-tanning drops, and other cosmetic items.

Leonie posed for some sultry pictures wearing a shiny black gown from Zalando’s brand. She added a caption that said, “Big bow for the season [black heart emoji] Anzeige/Ad @zalando #GetTheLook #StyleCreator.”

In the pictures, she lounged on a tan-colored chair wearing the sparkling dress with its giant bow over her chest area. She paired it with some strappy black heels and a silver handbag.

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