Lele Pons prepares for bachelorette party fun as she reminds fans ‘1 month left’

Lele Pons face
Lele Pons is counting down the days. Pic credit: ©

Lele Pons is counting down the days until her bachelorette party!

The social media star took to Instagram on Monday to share a few photos of herself wearing a white undergarment top and matching underwear. She also wore a veil as she appeared ready to go for her upcoming wedding.

The YouTube star’s 50.7 million Instagram followers were the first to receive the update from the popular personality.

Lele’s post had all things wedding-related, as she showed a glimpse of her swanky wedding invitations. Lele also shared a picture as she prepared seating arrangements, a crucial component of any good wedding ceremony.

For those out of the loop, Lele has become huge on social media since she first arrived on the scene in 2013. She and her man, Guaynaa, nearly broke the internet over the summer. That’s because Lele and her fiancé Guaynaa got engaged epically, with the Puerto Rican rapper proposing to the Venezuelan YouTuber at Tomorrowland 2022.

Since that moment over the summer, the two high-profile faces have been living in pre-marital bliss and taking fans along the way.

Lele Pons prepares for wedding to Guaynaa

Lele started the carousel strong looking beautiful and glowing with a bride-to-be sash. A swipe right revealed the South American beauty working her angles and basking in pre-marital bliss. As she revealed in her caption, the wedding is less than one month away. That means bachelorette parties and lots of content are around the corner.

The influencer has reached the home stretch, posting a picture with a garment bag from a bridal store.

Lele’s caption read, “1 MONTH LEFT.”

Lele’s upcoming nuptials to her fiancé, Guaynaa, are sure to be a magical event, especially if the invitations are any indication. It looks like Lele will have a destination wedding, although she blocked out specific details in her IG post.

Lele Pons reveals fitness inspiration

With Lele’s wedding around the corner, she has turned her fitness routine up a notch. The influencer has been a proponent of body positivity, and she has shared her fitness journey.

As Lele revealed in a caption, she began working out each day. Lele’s goal wasn’t weight loss, but it was strength. Losing weight happened to be a pleasant side effect of spending hours at the gym.

Lele’s post showed her doing squats, crunches, lunges, and weighted step-ups.

Her caption read, “Before vs. Now 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼… wanted to make this video to show that with exercising everyday, a proper nutrition , and discipline you can achieve your goal. Some may take longer than others and some faster depending on your metabolism cause all bodies are built different.”

She continued, “But with determination you will get to where you want to get. It’s possible if you push yourself to be your best version. Thank you @dianamaux.”

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