LeAnn Rimes shows vocal talent with enchanting performance

LeAnn Rimes face
LeAnn Rimes showed confidence as she performed for a crowd. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

LeAnn Rimes sang the music from god’s work as she performed for a crowd of excited fans.

The Grammy-winning singer treated her fans to glimpse what one of her shows would be like, with intimate seating and a cozy ambiance.

The Can’t Fight The Moonlight singer performed at the Pala Casino Spa Resort in California on Friday night for a group of adoring fans. LeAnn belted out vocals from her newest album, god’s work, and other classics. 

The singer appeared proud of her live rendition of god’s work because she uploaded a video of her vocals on social media.

LeAnn’s 827,000 Instagram followers were among the first to see her performance. That is, after a crowd of paying customers, of course.

It was certainly a nice gesture to share the song with those who could not make the event.

LeAnn Rimes performs god’s work at Pala Casino Spa Resort

In a caption accompanying the video, LeAnn promoted her album, writing, “we are all #godswork.”

The clip started with the band playing as LeAnn began to get into the beat. She wore a spaghetti strap dress with a plunging neckline and flowing material touching the ground.

The lighting was blue, adding sultry energy to the unplugged performance.

LeAnn didn’t require a backing track, handling the song just fine on her own. She did, however, make use of her audience. Toward the end of the video, LeAnn began interacting with the concertgoers. She held her microphone in the crowd’s direction and invited her fans to participate. 

As she played along with the audience, she said words of encouragement and praise while fans echoed her lyrics.

LeAnn Rimes launches Soul of EverLe

LeAnn has a spiritual side, seen in her album of chants. Spiritual themes also occur in her company, Soul of EverLe.

The talented singer invited fans to check out her hand-poured candles from her company, Soul of EverLe. Each candle contains 100% veggie soy wax and natural oils. LeAnn also said she placed her intentions into the wax, spreading her joy with fans. She explained that each candle had a frequency, like the 639hz frequency, designed to balance the heart chakra.

She shared a video that showed her making the wax and pouring it into glass jars with wicks already in place, revealing how involved she was in Soul of EverLe.

Her caption read, “so many of you have been asking about a restock of some of your favorite la fréquence candles, so for a limited time only, they are back in the store.add a what i cannot change, in the stillness or a christed candle to your collection by visiting my soul of everle store.*pre-order only ~ first shipment jan 22.”

Fans can purchase the candles, including the La Fréquence In The Stillness Candle, or the Christed Candle, for $65 on the Soul of EverLe website.

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