LeAnn Rimes performs at the historic Gruene Hall

LeAnn Rimes face shot
LeAnn Rimes performed at the iconic Gruene Hall. Pic credit: ©

LeAnn Rimes is no stranger to making history — she became the youngest Grammy Award winner in 1997 for her debut musical efforts.

For LeAnn’s latest notable moment, she booked a few shows at the famous Gruene Hall, allowing fans to see a different side of the singer.

Gruene has a place in the history books as the oldest dance hall in the state of Texas. LeAnn has made a point of performing at the venue in the past. As LeAnn fans are likely aware, the singer’s live album, Rimes: Live at Gruene Hall, was recorded at the iconic venue. Accordingly, Gruene Hall holds a place in LeAnn’s heart.

The Can’t Fight the Moonlight singer has three shows this weekend at the epic spot, as she goes unplugged and performs for an audience.

LeAnn graciously shared a snippet from her performance for those who couldn’t make the trip to Texas.

She posted a captivating video on her Instagram, so her 828,000 followers could hear and see her in action.

LeAnn Rimes shows vocal skills at Gruene Hall

LeAnn kept things casual with a flowy ensemble and a plunging neckline. The gown was beautiful, with a thigh-high leg slit that allowed LeAnn to move freely.

She sat barefoot on a wooden stool as she belted out one of her hits and entertained the crowd.

LeAnn added a touch of country to her outfit, thanks to her tan cowboy hat.

As viewers could see, LeAnn was up close and personal with fans, and dark lighting added to the ambiance.

Her caption read, “bought a ‘one way ticket’ to gruene hall ✨.”

Fans interested in her show can check out LeAnn at Gruene Hall through Sunday when she has the last of her three performances. Another way to get a piece of LeAnn is through her brand, Soul of EverLe.

Steal The Style

Get LeAnn’s on stage look

Janet Jumpsuit by Michael Costello x Revolve


LeAnn looked gorgeous for her appearance at Gruene Hall in Texas, she is back with a bang! We loved her rust-colored plunging dress, so we hunted for something similar you can buy to steal her style!

This Janet jumpsuit by Michael Costello for Revolve is perfect – the plunging neckline and warm pumpkin shade is just like LeAnn’s, but the jumpsuit style means you don’t have to struggle with a skirt. Pair this with some platform heels for a 70s vibe and add some gold jewels and a fitted leather jacket.

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LeAnn Rimes promotes Soul of EverLe

LeAnn has an affinity for all things spiritual — she even created an album of chants. Another way to channel her spiritual side has been her company, Soul of EverLe.

The talented singer has played a key role in Soul of EverLe, from conception to production. As LeAnn revealed, she placed her intentions into each candle, singing as the hand-poured wax entered the holder. 

The candles have 100% veggie soy wax, natural oils, and energy from LeAnn. 

She revealed that each candle had a different intention, like the 528hz frequency, known as the love frequency in spiritual communities.

One such item includes the Soul Of EverLe La Fréquence In The Stillness Candle, with a retail price of $65.00. 

The candle has a blend of Oud, minty eucalyptus, and soft lavender for spa vibes and relaxation. 

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