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LeAnn Rimes in crop top and spandex gets deadlifted by hubby

LeAnn Rimes attends the CMT Awards.
LeAnn Rimes got flirty with her husband while they enjoyed an exercise session together in which the singer was the weight. Pic credit: ©

LeAnn Rimes and her husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, got their workout time together as the pair seemed to enjoy a flirty exercise session.

The country singer, who made a name for herself at the young age of 13 when she released her first big hit Blue, got her sweat on alongside her hubby of eleven years as the pair proved that a couple that works out together has fun together.

Sporting an ab-revealing crop top that revealed a washboard midsection and tight spandex pants that showed off toned legs, LeAnn took to her Instagram page to post a peppy video clip of her home routine with Eddie.

First seen giving a cheerleader-like hand clap with the chant, “Ready? Okay!” LeAnn then cut to a series of video snippets that had her becoming the weight as Eddie expertly and impressively used his wife in various ways to challenge his muscles.

With LeAnn’s smash Can’t Fight the Moonlight playing over the post, the singer let her husband do all the heavy lifting as he balanced her on his hands for some air pushups, propped her waist on his feet for knee bends, deadlifted her in aerial silk, and held her behind his back for squats.

Eddie made his wife-lifting routine look easy, and LeAnn made sure to throw in a little flirt to their focused time, giving her hubby a small slap on the butt while he held her over the back of his shoulders to do his standing squats.

“ready… OKAY… no husbands were (badly) hurt in the making of this 😂 watch to the end…!” as she alluded to the final clip where LeAnn could be seen slipping and collapsing on top of Eddie’s face in one outtake.

The upbeat post comes after LeAnn celebrated her 40th birthday, ringing in another turn around the sun with a huge bash and plenty of bikini-clad moments.

LeAnn Rimes sizzles in bikini for birthday celebration

Looking to be living her best life as she entered her 40th year on the planet, LeAnn got her party groove on as she and Eddie worked on the birthday fun together.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, LeAnn got out of town for her extended partying, sharing a video clip to Instagram that showed the blonde crooner sitting in a small boat with a bikini top on and braided pigtails running along her shoulders.

Peeks of her matching green bikini bottoms could be seen around the top of the cream-colored sweatpants she donned for the occasion.

LeAnn opened up to People before her big day as she got candid about entering her forties.

LeAnn Rimes ‘wouldn’t be 22 again if you paid me’

In her interview with the magazine, LeAnn shared her thoughts about leaving her 30s behind, telling them that she is happy to be out of her younger days.

“As a child, I remember thinking 40 was so old,” LeAnn said, adding, “But now that I’m there, I feel like I have so much life under my belt. I’m much wiser. I wouldn’t be 22 again if you paid me!”

The singer added that with her age, some bigger life changes have come, such as taking better care of herself and realizing that some fashion statements aren’t worth the physical sacrifice.

“A big part of my life has been overriding my body because I’ve had to show up and be on all the time. I’ve had to care about what people think of me for so long. So not abandoning myself and what I need has been a big shift,” she said of her turn toward focusing on her health.

She later joked that she has, “for the most part….completely ditched high heels,” while quipping, “Why did we do that to ourselves?”

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