LeAnn Rimes goes topless for an exciting announcement

LeAnn Rimes at the CMT awards.
LeAnn Rimes went topless wrapped in just a blanket as she shared an announcement. Pic credit: ©

LeAnn Rimes was baring some skin in the name of sharing an exciting announcement and the singer proved she’s still got what it takes to steal the spotlight.

The crooner, who has dominated the music industry since the age of 13, has been riding her recent fame wave out as she continues to promote her newest album God’s Work.

The blonde stunner jumped onto her Instagram Stories to share some more exciting news regarding her musical endeavors, going topless for the update.

Covering herself up in just a thick, brown blanket while baring glowing skin from her arms and chest up to her makeup-free visage, LeAnn announced that her latest single from her album is getting a video premiere.

Letting fans know the song Spaceship is rolling out for its debut on MTV Networks, LeAnn stunned as she let her hair get tossed around in the breeze, whipping around her face as she gazed off into the distance with blue sky surrounding her.

A desert landscape spread out at her waistline as she gripped the garment close to her skin.

LeAnn Rimes goes topless while wrapped in a blanket to share some news.
Pic credit: @leannrimes/Instagram

LeAnn Rimes teams up with her husband for new song

Later sharing another tidbit of information about her song via her Stories, LeAnn posted a clip from the CMT website in which the source revealed that the Spaceship video was a collaborative effort with her husband, Eddie Cibrian.

Talking with the publication recently, LeAnn opened up about what it was like to share the process with her husband of 11 years, saying it was a “special moment.”

“So, with no clothes, no makeup or hair, just completely bare, and through a lot of tears and laughter, we shot four takes of the song,” LeAnn said of her time shooting the video with Eddie’s help.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a more raw, pure experience captured on film.”

LeAnn Rimes gets some media hype about her latest song.
Pic credit: @leannrimes/Instagram

She later said that she and Eddie chose the location specifically to reflect the internal struggles many people face, using the wide open desert scape as a metaphor for the unending universe and her placement in the middle of it as a symbol of the loneliness humans can feel.

“I hope…[listeners] feel a connection with me and my inner world, my vast emotional landscape, which is really a reflection of their own,” she said.

With her tremendous success has come some bumps along the way, with the singer opening up about her mental health.

LeAnn Rimes talks about focusing on mental health

In a candid interview with Insider, LeAnn got real about the struggles she faced having been thrown into the spotlight at such a young age.

Recalling serious bouts of depression and anxiety that would often leave her feeling faint, with one particular episode occurring when she was only 14 when she passed out during a show, LeAnn said that by the time she was 30 she knew she needed professional help.

“It was just time,” she said. “It was time for me to break away from my deep codependency and to figure out what was chemically going on to be able to take care of myself,” she shared after telling the magazine she willingly checked herself into a treatment facility at the time.

LeAnn later told Katie Couric that the 30 days she spent at the facility were some of the most healing times of her life, adding that the other participants treated her like a “normal person” and not just a celebrity.

LeAnn released her album God’s work on September 16.

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