Leah Remini teases bestie Jennifer Lopez by the pool: ‘Can you be ugly once?’

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini
Leah Remini posted a TikTok teasing her best friend Jennifer Lopez by the pool. Pic credit: @leahremini/Instagram

Actress Leah Remini shared a hilarious video of her poking fun at Jennifer Lopez for looking good while lounging by the pool.

The TikTok, taken by Remini herself, showed the two casually hanging out by the pool when the actress decided to tease her bestie for her accessories. The video was titled, “Jennifer Lopez vs. Me By The Pool.”

Remini joked about Lopez’s inability to look ‘ugly’

Remini started out with a clip of herself in a baseball-style cap as she looked at the camera.

“So Jen asked me to meet her by the pool, right? Okay, here’s me, here’s me normal,” Remini said.

The actress then flipped the camera around to show her sidekick, Lopez, casually lounging in a trendy patterned headscarf, aviator sunglasses, thick gold bracelets, and gold dangly earrings.

“Look at this one,” she joked. “Headwrap, jewelry.”

Lopez responded with a confused, “What?”

“Can you be ugly once?” Remini asked jokingly. Lopez laughed as Remini kept going. “Just be normal once! You’re such a j**k off,” she said as the two laughed uncontrollably together.

The clip was accompanied by the caption, “It’s so annoying! #pool #besties #jlo #headwrap #sunglasses.”

Watch the video below.

Leah Remini and J. Lo’s friendship throughout the years

According to People, the two actresses met back in 2004 when they were introduced by Lopez’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony. The two have remained close friends throughout the past 18 years and continue to post content that shows off their hilarious and heartwarming friendship.

Along with being best friends outside of their Hollywood careers, Lopez and Remini appeared in the 2018 film Second Act together. The romantic comedy follows a woman in her 40s as she pursues a second chance at a corporate career.

In an interview to promote the film, the two showed their fun-loving friendship when Lopez was asked questions about Remini. Remini hilariously crashed every question by joining in with her own answer and coming into the frame to defend herself.

After showing off their hilarious dynamic, Lopez was asked, “Annoying habit – what’s something that she [Remini] does that bothers you?”

Lopez laughed. “I mean, is this not annoying enough? There needs to be more than this?!”

When they’re not on set or poking fun at one another, the two have shared many sweet moments throughout the years together both in interviews and on social media.

In another interview for The View, the two besties appeared together and spoke about their close-knit relationship. “We’re very close like sisters are, but in a different way that sisters are,” said Remini.

“We understand each other’s lives,” said Lopez. “We have similar lives, and similar careers, and we understand nuances that other people don’t understand, so that also bonded us.”

Whether Remini is poking fun at Lopez for being a style icon or nagging her for lying about “picking up the tab” at a restaurant, it’s clear to see the two have an extremely close and lighthearted bond. However, they have also shown that their closeness is derived from an understanding of career, friendship, family, and similar values.

With over 1 million likes on Remini’s TikTok video, it’s safe to say fans of the actresses love seeing their authentic relationship and behind-the-scenes genuine moments.

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