Lea Martinez stuns as Velma from Scooby Doo

Lea Martinez's face
Lea Martinez poses in a bedroom selfie. Pic credit: @officialslayeas/Twitter

Lea Martinez reveals her flattering Halloween outfit.

She dressed up as Velma, who is one of the iconic characters from Scooby Doo.

The streamer is known for her incredible skintight looks. And she did not disappoint with her new costume.

Lea wore a long sleeve orange crop top and red miniskirt, showing off her amazing physique.

She paired the look with orange tights, black eyeglasses, and even debuted a new bangs hairstyle. She also posed with a magnifying glass prop.

Aside from her successful Twitch career, Lea also dazzles her fans with impressive cosplay, and this is just one great example.

Lea Martinez goes to Andor premiere

Lea constantly shares that she is a huge Star Wars fan and has even cosplayed several of the characters. A few days ago, she excitedly announced that she was attending the premiere of the Andor series.

The Disney series just released its first few episodes and it has already received rave reviews.

She showed off her premiere look in a red carpet picture and captioned it, “I am so beyond grateful to be able to attend this event. Genuinely what a dream come true.”

The streamer went braless and strapless in a dark brown minidress stopping well above her knees, showing off her toned legs.

She complemented the look with a pair of nude-colored heels, a thin silver bracelet, and wore her wavy hair down.

Lea Martinez celebrates her anniversary

After starting her online streaming career just over a year and a half ago, Lea has already received over 100 thousand followers on her Twitch. On social media in general, she is about it hit four million followers on Tik Tok with well over 100 million likes.

On all of her platforms, Lea is known for advocating for mental health and providing advice to others who may be struggling.

She reflected on her nearly two-year journey online and told her fans, “I don’t want to make this too long or be too cheesy but if you are struggling or don’t feel like you belong I promise that if you come to my streams we will make you feel like you belong. We will welcome you. We are just huge nerds who love all things fandom related and want to have a good time.”

For the photo, she wore a simple short sleeve pink t-shirt and her signature natural makeup look.

Lea currently streams full-time on Twitch and participates in cosplay in her free time.

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