Lea Martinez cosplays sexy Scream in sheer undies

Lea Martinez
Lea Martinez cosplays as Ghostface to celebrate spooky season. Pic credit: @slayeas/Instagram

TikTok star Lea Martinez is ready for horror movie season.

The popular streamer traded Star Wars for spooky vibes while cosplaying this weekend. Lea shared a picture of her dressed as one of her favorite horror movie characters from Scream.

The TikTok star shared a photo with her followers while holding the classic mask in bed.

In the caption, she gushed about her love for the Scream movie. She stated, “…Ghostface has forever been my favorite killer & forever will be.”

The video creator posed for her followers in black lingerie and knee-high black boots.

Lea previously stunned in a tight red latex one-piece holding the mask.

Lea Martinez gets spooky in black

Lea proved that she could be the girl of dreams and nightmares. In the latest photo she shared, she was on her knees and held a classic black hooded Scream mask right above her head, as if she had just pulled it off.

Lea showed off her curves and modeled a simple pair of black underwear. She wore a matching black lace push-up bra with a tiny white bow accent in the middle. A mesh black crop top completed her look.

The sheer long-sleeve top added some drama to the ensemble.

The video creator was so dedicated to cosplaying the character that she even included a bloody knife prop that stood out on the white sheets.

Lea Martinez cosplays for Halloween

The TikTok star shared a previous video where she professed her love for the Scream movies. In it, she swapped her sheer crop top for long black gloves. Lea waved with one hand as she held the bloody knife in the other.

She showed her affection for the Halloween season with multiple Instagram posts, including ones a little less scary. One video featured Lea in a jack-o-lantern sweatshirt.

Lea also dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo. She wore a tight orange crop top turtleneck, matching knee-high socks, and Velma’s classic red mini skirt. Her hair was down, and she even had the perfect bangs to complete the look.

Lea posed with a magnifying glass and wore the character’s signature black glasses.

In the caption, she expressed her love for Velma’s character and shared that she now has two things in common with her. “We’re both blind and like girls,” Lea wrote.

Lea also hinted in the caption that more Scooby Doo content is on the horizon this season.

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