Laverne Cox strikes stunning poses while sharing beautiful Anguilla trip with fans

Laverne Cox
Laverne Cox at the 2019 Creative Arts Emmys Awards. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

While enjoying a vacation in Anguilla, Orange Is The New Black actress Laverne Cox donned a stylish black two-piece bikini with gold accents.

Cox struck several modelesque poses before showcasing her views from her island hotel.

Posing in a pair of dark sunglasses and wearing her blonde tresses in wet waves, the actress highlighted her bustline and figure in the revealing swimwear.

She also paired the stylish bikini with a hot pink coverup as she modeled for pictures in the sun.

The 50-year-old shared moments from her trip with her 6 million Instagram followers, writing in a post, “It was truly magical and just what the doctor ordered. I haven’t been this relaxed in years. Doing my transcendental meditation mantra during my second massage changed the game.”

“The service was impeccable. The food savory and delicious,” she continued. “The beach, the views, the breeze! Truly magical.”

Laverne Cox’s trans activism

Outside of her work in the entertainment industry, Cox has also made a name for herself as an activist for the transgender and LGBTQIA+ community.

Often working closely with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), the Alabama native was also featured on the Netflix documentary Disclosure, which looked at the portrayal of the trans community in Hollywood and media.

Last month, Cox was honored with a W.E.B. Du Bois Medal for her social justice work. The medal is often handed to notable activists, authors, and community leaders from Harvard University’s African and African American Studies field.

“I think the main issue is about our humanity being respected. Once we can accept that trans people are who we say we are and that our humanity should be respected, then I think all of the policies that we see being passed in my country, in the United States, that are affecting trans youth, we won’t pass laws like that anymore,” she told HollywoodLife about her passion for trans rights.

“We won’t think it’s OK to fire someone from their jobs or to evict them from housing or deny them a job just because of being trans. So, I think it’s about acknowledging our humanity and that we are who we say we are.”

Laverne Cox honored with Barbie doll

Earlier this year, Cox was honored with her very own Barbie doll as part of the brand’s Barbie Tribute Collection. Released in May 2022, the doll featured Cox’s signature honey-blonde hair along with a burgundy gown with sheer tulle.

Underneath, the doll wore a sparkling silver bodysuit.

Thanking Mattel for the opportunity on social media, Cox also shared her gratitude for the trans representation that the doll represents.

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