Lauren Jauregui sees no competition ahead of music release

lauren jauregui face
Lauren Jauregui looked gorgeous and glowed with a message. Pic credit: @laurenjauregui/Instagram

Lauren Jauregui is living her life in an unfiltered manner, and her followers were the first to see her latest expression of freedom.

For those out of the loop, Lauren was a member of the ill-fated girl group Fifth Harmony, which also starred Normani and Camila Cabello.

As for Lauren, she has carved out her own career after distancing herself from the famous musical group.

Lauren’s bold fashion choices, paired with her fearless attitude, have long been admired by her fans. Such qualities have allowed Lauren to amass quite a following on social media, with 11.7 million Instagram followers.

Recently, Lauren posted an eight-part post with selfies and videos highlighting her talents.

The X Factor singer’s latest Instagram share solidified her status as a body positivity representative and role model. With her smoky voice and empowering message, Lauren continued to inspire and uplift her fans across the globe. 

Lauren’s recent share racked up an astonishing 589,000 likes and countless comments.

Lauren Jauregui racks up the likes with stunning series of shots

The first image showed Lauren looking directly at the camera with piercing green eyes and dark waves.

In the second shot, Lauren pivoted her body slightly, working her angles and finding her lighting.

The third photo featured Lauren from afar, posing against a wall and looking fierce.

Next, Lauren showed the entirety of her denim ensemble, including a cropped top and a zippered waist.

Subsequent pictures saw Lauren smiling and posing as she captivated with her undeniable glow.

She finished the shoot with a mirror selfie from the bathroom, closing out the stunning series of images.

In her caption, she conveyed an attitude of confidence.

She wrote in her caption, “Tryna compete but it ain’t a contest✨.”

The X Factor singer’s latest Instagram share solidified her status as a body positivity representative and role model.

Lauren Jauregui’s vegan diet

In 2018, Lauren admitted that she tried to start a plant-based diet.

But as a Cuban-American woman, meat played an integral role in her daily life. For example, meats like pork are staples in the Cuban diet.

A fan tweeted Lauren, praising her physique and asking for workout tips.

Lauren responded, “I’ve actually just been eating cleaner. Trying my best to be vegan/plant based (even though I do fail sometimes?) ((I’m Cuban it’s hard af to not eat meat)).”

lauren jauregui tweet
Lauren Jauregui discusses difficulties as Cuban woman embarking on a meat-free diet. Pic credit: @LaurenJauregui/Twitter

In the years since 2018, Lauren has embraced her natural curves while becoming a body positivity advocate.

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