Lauren Hashian’s Instagram account hasn’t got a single bikini picture and here’s why that’s so refreshing

Lauren Hashian’s Instagram account hasn’t got a single bikini picture and here’s why that’s so refreshing
Dwayne Johnson and his new wife Lauren Hashian. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/S Bukley

Lauren Hashian and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson got married yesterday and a couple of pictures were posted on Instagram showing their wedding day.

The photos had Lauren in a beautiful white dress while Johnson wore a nice white suit.

With that said, a quick look at Lauren Hashian’s Instagram account shows that Dwayne Johnson found a classy and family-oriented wife to say “I do” to.

Lauren Hashian Instagram

When you look at the Instagram account of many people — both celebrities and normal everyday people — you see the type of person they are.

Many men and women love to show off their bodies in their Instagram photos, with so many bikini-clad women that Instagram becomes NSFW quicker than expected.

That is not what you get from Lauren Hashian’s Instagram account.

Instead, the day of her wedding to Dwayne Johnson, Lauren posted a beautiful family photo celebrating her late father’s 70th birthday. She captioned it with a discussion of “LOVE, laughs, music, wisdom, and guidance watching over us.”

It was a touching and beautiful tribute to Sib Hashian, the late drummer for Boston.

Dig deeper into her Instagram account and there are some great photos of her and Dwayne Johnson, as well as images of the two children that the couple bore, Jasmine (age 3) and Tiana (16 months).

The most impressive thing is that Lauren Hashian’s Instagram account updates when she has something to say about her family, remember about those she loves, or sometimes just to share a moment that is special to her.

Lauren Hashian doesn’t go to Instagram every day to let people follow her life to the minutia. She doesn’t talk about everything she ate that day (no offense to her new husband, who loves to share his dinner photos).

Lauren Hashian seems to be a real person and is now sharing what looks to be a long life with the man and family she loves.

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