Lauren Gardner leaving Altitude, leaves fans guessing over where she’s going

Lauren Gardner
Lauren Gardner in a recent photo shared on her Instagram. Pic credit: @lgroja/Instagram

Lauren Gardner announced about a week ago that she would be leaving Altitude to pursue a new adventure.

At the time she shared the news on Twitter, she didn’t reveal where she was going but admitted she was bittersweet as she had really found a great home with Altitude.

In her tweet, she called the new job a “wonderful opportunity” but didn’t specify what it would be. BSN Denver reports that she is leaving for a new job at a national network, but didn’t specify what network.

Gardner’s LinkedIn profile also doesn’t specify any changes in careers. Her current position is listed as a host and reporter for Kroenke Sports Enterprises, which is her job with Altitude Sports and Entertainment. She’s been there for three years, as said in her Twitter post.

Before that, she worked as a host and reporter for CBS sports for seven years, reporting for the NFL, College Football, College Basketball, Minor League Baseball, and the National Lacross League.

She also worked as a sports reporter for Fox Sports Ohio and was a host for the Smithsonian Channel back in 2015.

Gardner will be greatly missed by the Colorado Avalanche fanbase, as she dedicated much time to reporting hockey games from the rinkside. The official Colorado Avalanche Twitter account made note of her final game, sharing pictures of her getting a hug from the mascot and getting flowers.

It sounds like Altitude hasn’t found a replacement for Lauren. According to Adrian Dater, a staff writer with BSN Denver, an Altitude executive has revealed that the search is wide open to find a new reporter.

Even though Lauren is excited about her upcoming job, it appears that she’s thankful for everything that the Colorado Avalanche has given her.

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