Laura Govan blasts baby daddy Gilbert Arenas for not seeing their kids, former NBA star blasts back with receipts

Laura Govan in the driver's seat in a photo shared to Instagram
Laura Govan has been battling with Gilbert Arenas over the kids for years. Pic credit: @lauramgovan/Instagram

Laura Govan and Gilbert Arenas are battling on social media again. This time, the drama started after Laura took to Instagram, telling everyone that her baby daddy hasn’t seen his kids in eight months. Not one to just keep quiet, Arenas blasted back with receipts, claiming a false case against him has kept the former NBA baller away.

On Saturday, Govan shared a screenshot of a message she says was from Gilbert Arenas where he taunted her with a photo of a 2019 Mercedes AMG G63 SUV. He wrote, “Baby mommas who gives no problems gets this for xmas. Enjoy your Xmas. Heard these 2019 joints are hard to get. Hopefully, I see u with one.”

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Govan blasted her baby daddy in the caption after commenting on how much she does for their kids.

“Out of respect for my Kids, I have held my tongue for years and not responded to the many attacks and false allegations you have made on my character. To know me is to know how hard I work to provide for my kids mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.”

“I’m with my babies all day,” Laura continued. “I resist the urge to respond to all of the negativity that you send my way. But today, I have to set the record straight. My kids are my life and they are the only thing we have in common. And so I’m posting this message, to reinforce the fact that everything I do is for them. Let’s redirect Your energy Not On Buying Gifts For Others But time spent with Your Children, 8 Months is a Long time With Out time spent with NO Excuse.”

It turns out that Gilbert Arenas did have an excuse though and he posted receipts. He claims that one of Laura Govan’s friends filed a “fake case” against him and that’s the reason he’s been blocked from seeing his brood.

He also argued that the kids do, in fact, get presents from their dad. They just get them after Christmas when Gilbert has visitation.

Then he went on to claim that over the years, there have been several times when Govan didn’t have money to even buy her kids Christmas presents because she spends all her money on trips and Botox fillers.

Gilbert continued his public rant by posting more receipts, this time with claims that he’s paid Laura Govan $1.8 million over the last three years even though his court-ordered child support was actually reduced in 2017 and his monthly obligation to Govan is around $3,000.

Tis the season to get ugly and it looks like Laura Govan and her baby daddy Gilbert Arenas are doing just that as they continue to fight over child support and time with their kids.

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